Ultra Black Hair Growth II Book

The Ultra Black Hair Growth II 2000 book defines a moisture balance system for our hair, to alleviate dry hair that breaks.

The main objective of the book is to take the guesswork out of maintaining your hair when you have it chemically processed, which tends to dry the hair out more. Damaged hair is a thing of the past when you understand why the majority of black women have short hair syndrome.
It is also great hair information for natural hair. Proper care should be a requirement no matter what style you choose. Arm yourself with this very vital knowledge and start maximizing your growth potential today!

Key Benefits:
Easy to read step-by-step guide
Contains the only proven black hair growth system
The book details why it is not about a product that produces hair growth but how you take care of your hair using any products to achieve your longest length.
A common sense approach that's been tested over 20 years
158 Pages (Soft Cover)
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