Known Black Hair Care Product Scams

that contain computer viruses

A website called is stealing the EXACT words off my website homepage and my pictures. Be forewarned, they are not affiliated with UBH and they are thieves. That site is a computer virus. Visit THAT website and you get the virus!

There is also a YouTube Video on Black Hair Growth that even has a picture of me stolen from my homepage! Same website, same scam! If you go to that URL you get the virus!!

Free download of Ultra Black Hair or Thinning Edges books are also a SCAM Another scam has hit the internet posing as legitimate sites for downloading Ultra Black Hair Book and Thinning Edges. It is a scam and will download a virus to your computer! UBH has not authorized any downloadable copies of any of our books, with the exception of Kindle.

If you think you are getting a FREE copy, be forewarned, you are setting yourself up for a computer virus!! Don’t be fooled...


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