What is a Coupon Code and how can you get one?

Coupons codes are offered to our customers for various reasons. Coupon codes are mostly used in our marketing strategy to tell us how someone heard about us (in magazines, radio adverts, event brochures etc.)

We also send “special discount coupon codes” periodically to our loyal customers via email addresses used when an order is placed on our website. No one likes to be bombarded with excessive emails, so UBH uses permission based email marketing.

When you place an order with us, and provide your email address, we add you to our in-house database to send you tracking number details.

UBH email lists, consists of people who have voluntarily chosen to receive emails on products or offerings that are of interest to them. Before we can send you promotion emails, you will need to “opt-in” to receive email communications from us.  We send you an email which contains a link that you must “CLICK” to be added to the marketing database.

If you do not click the link, it implies that you do not wish to receive marketing/special promotions from us and we will not send promotions to you.

To maintain the integrity of our marketing campaigns, coupon codes are not published.

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