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Your products helped my hair!

Just recently, I expressed the issue to my best friend that lives on Maryland and she came back to me a couple of days later and told me to check out your site. She said that an older woman in her office recommended I do this because she--the older woman--had the same issues I did once upon a time until she incorporated your techniques and now her hair is the longest it has ever been in her life.

Yolanda in CA
Tags: black hair products

Your products work with locs

Love your products even with loc hair

Ms Vaughn
Tags: black hair products

Thanks for paraben free

Thank you for the paraben and sulfate free product line.

D Joseph
Tags: black hair products

Customer from before you made products

I remember when I used to go to the health food store to get the peppermint and the coconut oil to add to a conditioner.  I am a firm believer that your products work.  Somehow I got off track using your system, but it really had my hair in excellent condition.  I used to receive so many compliments on how beautiful my hair was and many thought it was a wig.  I can't wait to get started on it again.  Very happy for your success.

E Griffin
Tags: black hair products

You do what you say you will do

My products arrived as the updated email said they would be here!  The past has shown-ed in dealing with Black business there is a lot of talk and no show.  When I called my local library for your book someone had checked the book out. The book was taken out in 2005 and never returned! You could add this story to your website for the women out there who cannot afford to get the book to go to the library. Please mention to them to "return the book to the library!"  

J Raven
Tags: black hair products

Breakage Stopped Immediately

Hi, my name is Lisa Jones and I'm from Jamaica. I placed an order for ur products about a month or so ago and I just got them today. My hair was breaking owing to a colour I put in it last week. I washed my hair just now using your products and its like a miracle!!! The breaking stopped like immediately, I was shocked and also, the texture of my hair is superb. If one application does such great wonders I can just imagine multiple ones. I thank God for giving u the wisdom to do what you do. Just two questions: who are your closest suppliers to Jamaica and do you sell the shampoo in 32oz ? I don't EVER want to be out of your amazing products! God bless u!!

Lisa Jones
Tags: black hair products

My hair is healthier than it has EVER been

I am 16 months post relaxer now and have been doing your reggie this whole time. I cannot begin to tell you how excited I am to share with my friends, family and co-workers that NOTHING has changed about my hair care regimen. The only difference is that since I no longer relax I don't have to worry about constantly keeping my newgrowth tamed or dealing with two textures. The fact is my hair is healthier than it has EVER been. I have not trimmed or cut since my big chop and my ends are still in excellent shape!! I have proven to the people who know that I have been taking care of my hair your way since 2006 that what you claim in your book is true;the style does not matter but in between and day-today maintenance DOES. They watched me grow my relaxed hair from neck length to mid back length and now they are watching me grow it 1.5 inches to shoulder and eventually to my waist! Mark my word Ms. Howse!!! Once you know what consistently works, there is no fear in starting over. I was not afraid to cut it off, because I KNEW it would be back. Sure enough, I am still consistently growing an inch every 8 weeks faithfully. I was 24 going on 25 when I found you online. I will be 31 in 4 months and I am so grateful that I learned while I am young how to get the length of my dreams and KEEP it on my head, lol! May your business continue to thrive. I hope more Black women ditch the relaxers. Our hair is SOO beautifully unique and that shows when it's cared for properly in it's natural state. Our hair is not hard to manage if we work WITH it, instead of against it. In His grasp, Iris McElwee

Iris McElwee
Tags: black hair products

I am thrilled with your products!

I just wanted to say that I am thrilled with your product. I have been natural (no chemicals)  for over 8 years but still using the flat iron and curling iron to style my hair, growth was slow an breakage levels very high. Recently after reading you book and trying your products I decided to go back to relaxers. I used Affirm, your recommended relaxer, with the use of your products the transition has been very smooth and the continuous improvement in my  hair texture and health, very obvious. I have continued to use the curling iron and blow dryer but on much cooler settings, the breakage is barely noticeable and my hair is easier to manage even  after sweaty workouts.
Just in the past two to three weeks I can see my hair length improving.
Simply stated, thank you, I look forward to letting you  know my result after 6 month.

Tags: black hair products
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