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The UBH Conditioner is simply the best that I have come across in over 10 years. There is nothing else like it. I had a event and went to a hairdresser (my hair is all natural) and carried the UBH Conditiioner with its lovely peppermint fragrance and asked the hairdresser to apply it. She commented on how good the conditioner was! The UBH system works.There is nothing else to compare with what Cathy Howse has created. I will never go near chemical relaxers again. My hair is stronger natural. Everything in Cathy Howse's books are true and correct.

K Jones

The UBH Conditioner is simply the best that I have come across in over 10 years. There is nothing else like it.

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UBH Deep conditioner

Your product is amazing!

Theresa Kaufman

Thank you so much!

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Simple Hair Growing Routine

I love the conditioner and Creme Moisturizer. I used these products when I was relaxed and now natural, and I can attest that these products yield consistent results and are compatible with all types of Afro-kinky hair. I haven't found a conditioner or moisturizer that makes my hair feel moist yet not oily and strong without dryness. Thanks again for providing the tools to take of our hair in a simple way.


Type 4, high density, fine texture, bra strap length, virgin hair.

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Hooked After First Use

Cathy, I absolutely LOVE your products, they are just what I was looking for -- 1 hair care line to meet the needs of my hair. I am not a fan of using multiple products from multiple lines. I need simple yet effective, and you delivered. Thank you so very much for your tireless research and quest to prove that afro-textured hair can be just as healthy and long as all other textures. Look no further ladies, UBH is ALL you need -- no marketing gimmicks and no fake promises in fancy packaging. Cheers to growth and retention!!

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Going back now that I am financially stable

I used Cathy's products for three years. I started and quickly threw out all of my other products and gave away what I could. It was amazing. My hair was stronger, healthier. I followed the instructions in her book faithfully. Well, unfortunately, I've been struggling financially for an entire year but NOW I'm returning with a better financial situation. So happy that she has even more products even though products suggested in her book worked. I feel confident that her new products WILL be much better! My hair stayed long but it is definitely weak! Time to rebuild and add more strength! Thank you so much, Cathy Howse for actually caring about your customers.

Tonya Evans

Used for three years, worked wonders, had to stop due to finances but returning now that I am able to!

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These products have changed my life!!! I have been using UBH products for over 7 years now. I first started using UBH after I cut off all of my relaxed hair. Not only did the products grow my hair faster, but I had never experienced my hair so extremely healthy before. I have recently cut off all of my hair again, due to me getting carried away with hair coloring. Thankfully, I have UBH to turn to. I am so happy these products exist. THERE IS NO OTHER COMPARISON!!!! #GotUBH?

Shundricka Love

I have my degree in Biology. Long time UBH customer.

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I love UBH shampoo, deep conditioner and leave in spray

I was curious to try cathys shampoo, deep conditioner and leave in spray, I simply Love love it, it keeps my hair styled beautifully without no heaviness to my hair, her deep conditioner keep beautiful moisture to my chemically colored treated hair, i blow dry everyday to my hair, and using UBH'S hair products that i mentioned here keeps my hair beautifully styled, i love her spray leave in also, its not heavy, not oily and No crunchy afterfeel, just nice softness with manageability, im buying me the 16oz and 32oz next!!! Love how easy and manageable my hair feels and looks with UBH!! My hair is caucasian oriental 1A short brunette hair, my hair works EXCELLENT with UBH Products!!! Thank you cathy!!!

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Best Hair Care for Natural Hair

Since, I started using Cathy's hair products I see a difference in my hair.  It really put moisture back in my natural hair and brings out my curls. Now, I have my friends using it.


  Highly recommend these products, especially the conditioner and daily moisturizer. 

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Believe it

True story, My hair was unhealthy and would not grow. I was using other product that were not cheap.  I person offered me to try UBH. Seeing that she had amazing hair health and growth I tried UBH. I have been pleased with each of the products I have used.  Once i learned how to use them effectively, i have seen increase in growth.  What is equally important to me is the company I do business with. To know that one is not just in the business to make money but to really help others.  I assure you Ms. Cathy is one of those people.  She cares about her customers and that really makes me feel happy to patronize her business.

Thanks Ms Cathy you have help me on my hair journey and my sisters hair has grown signficantly from using your products.


Tameka J
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Great Book!

Hi Cathy, I read your book. I first found out about you years ago. I had bought the book but never read it right away when I did deceive to read it I finish it. I practice your methods and you have great information on hair care. My hair has changed so much. I just love your moisturizer. I have been ordering it for years now. I also use your conditioner, and silky spray. What I really like about you is your honesty on products, and hair care. Most merchant would always talk against every other product to assure business for themselves, but do not you give advice on what to use even if it’s not you product, and I just simply love that about you.

I started my hair journey several years ago. I decided to really be dedicated in taking care of my hair. I have a great hair stylist, and she knows my hair. I have been with her for many years. She gives me protected styles, and she always conditions my hair, I wear the circle braids because I wear wigs. I use to wear weaves, but they damage my hair so much and made it so thin I had to stop. I noticed the thinning and soon realized if I didn’t stop I would have no more hair left to weave. I met my hair stylist and we formed a great connection. She became my only stylist. When I first started with her my hair was damaged she brought it back to life, and it started growing. I still had weaves the difference was she would braid very loose but good, so it would last. She cared about my hair. She would never cut it unless I asked too she suggested I should trim it myself that way I would be happy. Wow who does that right?

My hair soon started growing it was bra length and for a while. I realized it was still thinning so I stopped the weaves and went to wigs making that my protected style. I went back to reading your book once again to brush up on your methods. The washing, conditioning using brushes, no cutting my hair all the things you talk about, my hair started growing even longer now its pass my bra length. I was holding that length for a while once again.  We know, no matter how good your hair stylist is, if you are lucky they will take care of your hair the way you do. So I started my taking care of my own hair with the help from your book. I also started juicing and take multivitamins for the inside and drinking more water.

My goal is waist length hair. Why just to see if it’s possible really. I have 3b to 3c hair soft curly hair that’s stays dry. I watched a lot of different You tube videos on growing African American long hair to my surprise there were so many women with really long hair. There goes the myth that we can’t grow long hair. What I found out was how they pamper their hair, and took good care of it-- that’s the secret. The facts are knowing what works for them along with getting the right type of products like sulfate free and alcohol free etc… for example. . I followed a lot of their advice as well. Now I have mid back to almost waist length hair in the middle between mid-back and the beginning of waist length.

I owe it all to” YOU CATHY” your advice, lifestyle change, information, and knowledge. I was so impressed with your book. I wanted to say thank you now I just do my own hair I put it in protected styles; I wear silk scarfs and sleep on silk pillows. I wear wigs at work and off work I let my hair breathe. I wash my hair ever week with deep conditioner, leave in conditioner and a few moisturizers yours included of course with a few more.  I do that every day making sure my hair is soft and not dry. I make sure my end are moisturized as well. I try and eat healthy and I work out. Great book! Great book! Again thank you so much you are the best!

Sincerely, Carolyn from Los Angeles, California 

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Black gold, Texas tea


Hi Cathy,


As you know, for about 15 years I've been using your products; I take a break and I come back.

I'd like to say your products can be likened to my default mode. There's nothing to compare. And for those of us who remember The Beverly Hillbillies theme song. Ultrablack hair products are like: "black gold, Texas tea."


C. Bivings
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Changed My Life

I sometimes thought people were being over dramatic when they said a book changed their lives; but I can honestly say it can happen. I was losing a lot of length and hair around the edges. My hair was down to an inch long! I had a relaxer and a weave. The stylist doing the relaxer was blaming the weave, the person doing the weave was blaming the relaxer and my hair colorist kept saying I must be doing something wrong. I implemented every suggestions all three offered, but still my hair kept breaking off. After reading the book, I realized all three seasoned professionals really didn't know how to effectively teach how to maintain healthy hair at home without seeing them on a regular basis. The book opened my eyes! I was always told I needed moisturizer but they could never really break down the ingredients of what I should be looking for and OIL IS NOT moisture. The book is very straight forward which I appreciate. The advice is simple and honest. I did stop getting the relaxers, kept the weave in and my hair is getting so healthy. Bald patches I didn't think would grow back, have come in and my hair grew 4-5 inches in a year. It may not be much for some people, but if you knew my sensitive hair type, you would be as impressed as I am. In fact, my husband and my weave stylist says my hair blends in better with the extensions and it looks very natural. However, I have now decided to go natural. In all these years, I didn't even know the true texture of my hair until I said "NO!" to the relaxers and weaves. Alhtough I had to get a lot of hair chopped off, my hair has become thicker in a short period of time.  Thank you Cathy for teaching us how to care for our hair!


Ann D.
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Great for Caucasian frizz too!

I am white, part Italian. I inherited the finest, fuzziest, tightest 3C hair from both parents and have fought it for decades.  I have always lived in humid climates (England, now Florida!) which adds insult to injury.  I had tried everything for curly hair, frizzy hair, black hair...and the products were either too weak, too greasy, sticky and/or smelly...Somehow years ago I heard about UBH products and have been relying on the Satin Creme Moisturizer since. It prevents breakage, corrects dryness, has NO nasty scent, and, using the correct amount for one's own hair, will not make it stringy or greasy.

What I am really amazed at is how it has controlled the frizziness (I love curls, just not fuzz) better than silicone products, hairsprays, gels, etc.  I use a little after washing, and a little every day as a finisher. Love this stuff.

Not sure how to let people who are not of African descent know that these products will truly work for them...but, used properly for one's own texture (i.e., not too much), they are great!

Paula G
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Scent FREE what a relief

I have had trouble finding scent free black hair products and i got my package yesterday and was relieved that the products are scent free. My husband react to most of the black hair products I have tried, Thanks can't wait to see results

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Love your products

I appreciate your integrity and your product is provide amazing results with my hair.

Blessings to you.



D Friendly

Works in Alaska too!

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You keep me going


I am seeing results and being patient. That creme moisturizer is awesome! All your products are..

Now my ends are not breaking off every time my hair grows.

Yvonne K

Yvonne Kerner
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First of all, I think i am proably the first male to make a testimony on this site. My wife and daughters have been raving about this product for a couple of years now. They affectionately call it "Hair Crack." 

So after having tried all sort of shampoos and oil treatments to get rid of a dry, itchy, and ver flaky scalp, i decided that i'd try this stuff the ladies in my family used to get such great results with their hair. I'd use the utrablack hair shampoo for a while and i liked the way it felt, but it wasn't until i started using the deep conditioner that i experienced the result that i'd been hunting for for years.

I used to rub my head with my hands and it would look like it was snowing. Literally overnight i no longer experienc a dry, itchy, and flakey scalp.


Thanks Ultrablack!


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Life saver! Worth every penny!

Ok, I don't think I've ever left a review on this? I'm always 100% honest with any review I write, even companies contact me and try to explain themselves or opologise for the reviews I leave them (because it's always dead honest, and sometimes a bad rating/review). So with that said, I started using every product she has listed, I read her experience and saw that her hair has grown so long by using her own products, went natural etc. So I did the same thing. Her shampoo, moisturizer, heat protection is the only products I've been using for over 1 year, I LOVE it! it helped  my hair grow! I'm reaching my goal (including using hair pills). I don't trust any other product, I'm scared to use other products, I trust this one, because it works!

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My hair simply stopped shedding and breaking, it's unbelievable!

Dear UBH founder
I have never written a review of any product ever in my life, so pay attention!
Your conditioner is the best thing that has ever happened to my hair period!
I thought it was too expensive, but I am so grateful I tried it! Now I will soon order the creme and moisturizer and I wont even blink because this stuff is the best ever! If I show you my hair now, you will not believe it!
My hair simply stopped shedding and breaking, it's unbelievable!!!!!!

Thank you Cathy, I hope you don't stop producing this awesome life-changing product!
I have tried everything thing and this is THE ONLY ONE THING THAT WORKED!!!!!!!!

Thank you again,

Ngoshali Haulenga
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Thank you, Cathy, for introducing me to your Silky Moisturizer for my hair; it has been wonderful since the very first spray of it.  Before I used it my scalp was VERY itchy, and the moisturizer stopped the itch with the first use.  Then I began spraying the moisturizer throughout my hair everyday -- especially at the balding spot at the crown of my hair.  I can immediately see the hair growth on the balding spot!  This is soooo great!  Also, my hair is much more manageable.  I have a relaxer, and the breakage has stopped.  I have nothing but good words to say about your product. I recommend everyone to take a look at your most informative videos and buy your book also; they will learn a lot.   Thank you, Thank you, Cathy, you have a new, loyal customer.


African-American woman, 72 years young.

Precision Word Processing
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