Best Deep Conditioner for Natural Hair

Is your hair natural or chemically processed? Do you know every time you chemically process (including hair dye) you actually disintegrate it?

Hair is over 90% protein and there is nothing on this earth that will become part of the hair except another protein. Protein strengthens our hair. We put too much emphasis on our scalps. The sebaceous glands function in the scalp. The hair ends, the oldest hair on our heads needs oil, not the scalp. Our oil should be applied with heat to penetrate our dry hair shaft. We need to stimulate the hair cells under the scalp to feed and get rid of waste, but we should not do it with hair brushes.

Ultra Black Hair Conditioner is the best hair care conditioning product for our hair needs. A good deep conditioner is the external way to bring back healthy looking hair. It is also a preventive maintenance treatment and a corrective medicine. The best deep conditioner for our hair contains protein to strengthen and repair, oils to lubricate and a stimulant.

It improves the hair by increasing hair thickness. It also makes the hair stronger and healthy so hair can grow long and beautiful. And the best thing is that it improves the hair after the 1st application! Make sure you check out our maintenance bundles for the best savings.


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4 oz Conditioner
8 oz Conditioner
Pump Top 8 or 16
 DC004 DC008 XPT008 






16 oz Conditioner

32 oz Conditioner

Pump Top 32 oz
DC016  DC032 XPT032 






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