Black Hair Products for Natural Black Hair and Relaxed Hair

Question: What is your opinion on Keracare products? I currently use Humecto conditioner and Detangling shampoo?

Answer: In the past I did use their shampoo from their maintenance line and thought it was okay. But their conditioner apparently created some sort of bacteria on my scalp and hair when I used it and my hair would stink after a day s. I never had this happen with any other products, just theirs.

Question: I had problems with my hair after having my son about 3 years ago and finally just cut it all off and went natural for a little over a year. About two months ago I had a salon relax my hair using Vital relaxer. I wash my hair every week, deep condition some, and hot oil maybe once within six week period. Then I went to another salon which I plan on sticking with and she uses another relaxer. My hair is shedding a lot and I want long hair. I have been taking hair vitamins ever since my first relaxer. I hope waiting six week for a retouch was not too long because getting my hair done every four week seems like a lot. I need help with my hair. Why is taking vitamins and washing every week and keeping it moisturized in (which I use an Oil liquid base everyday almost) not working.

Answer: You are using the wrong products, you don’t need hair vitamins and you need to understand your hair is BREAKING not shedding because of your lack of knowledge of how our hair should be taken care of. Changing chemical relaxers is a BIG problem and if your hair is breaking now, it will be worst after a new chemical. You need to understand what to do to stop the current breaking problems before you will be able to achieve length. My Ultra Black Hair book will help you identify the problems and instruct you on how to correct them.

Question: Do you know of a good resource for researching product ingredients?

Answer: I’ve used 2 resources "Paula Begon - Don’t Go Shopping for Hair Care Products without me and "Ruth winter Cosmetic ingredients - a consumer's dictionary" They are both excellent resources and can be found in just about any Barnes and Noble.

Question: I recently purchased your conditioner and mist. When I read the label it said do not use this product unless you've read the book. I would have loved to order the book at the time I order the products but didn't realize I should have the book first. The questions I have are: Is the book that is referred to on the bottle still available? I would like to save on the shipping charges if possible. I just recently ordered and thought I'd made the best selection by buying the products with the intention of buying the book at a later date when I had more money.

Answer: Yes the book is available. The note on the bottle is simply to inform you. It will not hurt you to use it. Because the product contains protein, it can make your hair hard and you will need to soften it. The book details why we have the problems we do. If you put the products on your hair and have changed nothing about what you did to your hair yesterday, you will have the same result tomorrow. The note is just a disclaimer letting you know that the book offers you solutions. The conditioner will improve your dry hair condition but you will need to change how you care for your hair which is in the book. It is also not an instant conditioner and putting on in the shower and rinsing out is a waste. People who choose not to get the book don’t really understand what the product is expected to do.

Question: . I received your book and read it in one day. I was surprised at all the myth surrounding the care of black hair. The book was inspirational, interesting, and very educational. Thanks you so very much for your book. It was a blessing to read. I currently have shoulder length hair, but I look forward to having it hanging down my back like it was when I was a child. I shampooed my hair in the shower this weekend, and it was such a wonderful liberating feeling. I had never before in my life shampooed my hair in the shower. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I look forward to hearing from you soon, so that I can make sure I'm getting a good start on having 6" more hair! I am anxious to start your program; however, I have a couple of questions. Currently I alternate between hot oiling, and deep conditioning my hair every other week. So I shampoo every week. Should I continue to hot oil and if so how do I work it into your program?

Answer: Hot oil is not necessary when you use my conditioner as the oils are built in the product and you get a hot oil treatment every time you use it. Without my conditioner, it IS necessary to provide our dry hair with much needed "internal" oil.

Question: I got AVEDA conditioning and detangler -it ingredients contains Cetearyl Alcohol, Dicetyldimonium Chloride& Cetrimonium Chloride- which are the only alcohol and chloride I found it. I also notice a lot of acids & chlorides & alcohols are in Aveda shampoo and conditioner, I'm assuming it bad for our hair. Is that ok for our hair?

Answer: I do not use this product and will not recommend anything I do not use myself.

Question: I am a guy and I wear an afro and braids sometimes but my hair is dry. I use creme of nature which is a shampoo and conditioner in 1 but I need more moisture, also my hair seems to grow 3 inches a year well I’ve only had it for a year. Is that normal?? Your book says 6 or it that up to 6? I really find your information interesting and I thank you. I just need to know what I can use for my braids and any product information thanks. And your hair is awesome!

Answer: The average growth is 6" per year - some may have hair that grows slower, some faster but the average is 6" per year. Everybody is not the same so your growth rate may only be 4" as you have said. See my section on braids for more information. According to what you have said about your product choice, YOUR products may be the reason you are only getting 4" because the hair you are getting is breaking off as fast as it is growing. Thanks for the compliment on my hair. I truly enjoy it too!

Question: I have used your conditioner twice with excellent results however on the 3rd application; I noticed an increase in dryness. I believe this to be the result of using too much conditioner. How much conditioner do you recommend using on shoulder length hair? I noticed in your book you suggest "just enough to coat the hair" does this mean applying to the roots as well. Would you estimate specifically for me dime size quarter half dollar size etc? I also follow up with spray mist and cream moisturizer.

Answer: Ciera it is not the amount of conditioner you are using it is just that you might be close to a retouch and your hair is drier or you need to moisturize more. The amount of conditioner you use depends on your needs. NO you do not put it on the scalp or the new growth! The oldest hair on your head needs the conditioner more than any other hair on your head. It goes strictly on the hair. Start with the hair ends when you apply your conditioner and rub the remainder over the rest of your hair. Using the money size principle is not a valid gauge. You do NOT have to see the conditioner on your hair. You just need to feel it to know it is there, so based on that use the conditioner accordingly.

Question: Is African Pride (which is what I use on my hair when it's time for a touch up) ok? Could you check for me?

Answer: I don’t have any information about African Pride and I don’t test products just to tell people they are okay. That is not my focus. If you decide to use other stuff use it at your own risk. I have my own products that work so I don’t need to try others.

Question: My hair is very thick and it doesn't seem like this one bottle will last me very long with how many times that you recommend that I wash my hair and deep condition it. And I understand that the costs of things are high these days and marketing is a pretty costly business but what's with the ten dollars a bottle is there no way for you to lower the price?

Answer: You are used to buying junk products. My products are quality and provide a benefit, something which very few of our products do. I never really intended to make products when I first started doing this but people kept saying "I want to use what you use" I think people feel more confident when they know it works for me so they feel they can use if with confidence and expect a real result. That is what you are paying for, something that really works!

Question: Do you recommend any of Barry Fletcher's products?

Answer: In Barry Fletcher's book he states "contrary to what people think, hair IS alive" If a product manufacturer is making products for me and does not know that hair is dead then how can what they make benefit me if they don't even know what they are trying to benefit? Something dead has totally different requirements than something living. I would not use nor would I recommend Barry's products because in my opinion, and based on what he says in his book, he obviously does not understand our hairs requirements!

Question: . I wash my hair about once a week with Organic Stimulator shampoo and then I condition my hair with their hair mayonnaise. I use their Olive oil to "grease my scalp" (I learned from your web page that that was not necessary). During the week I apply carrot oil on the ends of my hair. Is all of this necessary and are Organic products good products to use?

Answer: It is apparent you need to read my book. Some of the questions you are asking are answered in my book. Please get a copy of it to understand your hair. I do not recommend Organic root products as I have never used them nor do I intend to use them in the future just to provide an answer to consumers. If you decide to use Organic root products you will need to be the judge if they are good and if they work for you. Also I don’t recommend putting ANYTHING on the scalp.

As far as organic product in general, when I think of organic, I think of no chemicals/preservatives etc. Natural products made without preservatives have a short shelf life. Products without preservatives can allow bacteria to grow thereby possibly causing blindness if it gets in your eyes! If you choose to use organic products, read the labels.

Question: Which should be applied first, oil or moisturizer?

Answer: Oil is not applied at all - so I don't know what you are getting at here. Use my conditioner with the oil in it then rinse out and apply the moisturizer.

Question: I tend to wash my hair once a week, should I alternate from week to week with a regular shampoo and then with a clarifying one?

Answer: NO--a clarifier will strip your hair. You do not want to strip your hair every other week! You will be drying out the oils deliberately put on the hair.

Question: Is olive oil, carrot oil and mayonnaise good for stopping breakage, if not what is?

Answer: NO they are not! Please read my book!

Question: Are there any salons or stores in Atlanta or surrounding areas other than Lagrange GA that carry your spray moisturizer? If not is there another product that can be purchased in the store that may be close to it?

Answer: No there are currently no vendors in that area that carry my products. Regretfully No product even comes close. The only reason I develop products is because the industry has failed to address a specific need.

Question: I just wish that you could recommend specific products. That would make my life easier, because I have to order everything I need from Stockholm. But, I will use your book as a guide and research products on the net before I order. Things should work out ok. I have not seen a cap style hairdryer since I have been over here. Is there any other effective method to deep condition? We do sauna, would applying conditioner and sitting in the sauna with a cap and towel wrap be effective? I don't believe in accidents either! God puts people together when there is a need. My main problem up here has been finding products. But, recently I found an Afro hair care store where I can purchase supplies and with your conditioner and spray mist I should be able to make some progress.

Answer: Some consider my knowledge a "gift" however, much of it was learned. If I can help, I will do what I can and a simple note is the least I can do for any of my clients. After reading my book you should be able to pick your products the way I have specified. I am surprised there are no "hooded" hair dryers there. The sauna is an excellent way to provide the same benefit as the hair dryer. The purpose of course is to get the hair shaft to swell open and the product to go inside where it is needed most and heat is the only way to accomplish this. I will look forward to your progress report as I can honestly tell you that if your problems are caused by dry hair that breaks, following my system will eliminate your dryness and allow your own hair to grow more beautiful.

Question: You do not mention any other products such as setting lotions, hair polishers, leave in conditioners, or oil sheens in the book but I notice people have asked about them on the website. How should these products be used in conjunction with your system?

Answer: Depending on how you style your hair will dictate what products you will use. If I decided to spike my 13"s of hair naturally I would need a gel or hair spray to do that. If I wet set (which I do occasionally) I would use a setting lotion. I would not be very smart to advise you on something I have not used so therefore I will not comment on setting lotion, oil sheen and leave-in conditioners (BTW, leave in conditioner can be misleading - as often they are really moisturizers) The only product left is hair polish and that I use as a cuticle smoother because protein makes the cuticle rough and stand up at times. So basically, use products for a style but ensure you still care for the hair before and after the style.

Question: . I hope that all is well with you and your family. I am continuing with the products they seem to be working well I don't know if it's just my imagination but my hair seems to be growing. I have only been using the products since September 28th. I would like to know how you feel about Cream of Nature Shampoo and Nexxus would you recommend either of them? (I wish you had your own shampoo). By the way I saw your ad in Sophisticates - I felt both proud and happy for you sharing this information with other sisters across the globe you must be swamped I'm sure the response has been wonderful. Have you ever thought about distributing your products to Beauty Supply stores? If you should please do not hesitate to get in touch with me I would be more than happy to work with you in my area as a distributor because I truly believe in your products. The funny thing since talking to you and reading your book I never noticed just how many sisters have dry hair I cannot believe that I never noticed before. Thank you so much for enlightening me about your methods I can tell that my hair truly appreciates them.

Answer: Judy, I am so tickled at you. And yes your hair is growing; it is not your imagination. I have no problems with Creme of Nature however Nexxus, because it is a multi-market product it is my opinion that it does not contain the ingredients to improve Type 4 hair. I formulated my own cleansing shampoo in 2011 and I love it. After so many requests to create a shampoo, I finally did. Thank you for you acknowledgement of my ad in Sophisticates. I too am very proud of it. If you only knew how long it took to get here. I feel so blessed to be the one to carry this message. Yes, you are right that responses have been tremendous!

Question: I tried Razac's hair oil but it left my hair WAY TOO GREASY; I’d like to try your spray moisturizer but it's a spray and I’m not sure if it would help.

Answer: My spray moisturizer works very well for braids, weaves, twist, dreads and relaxer. And the best part, it is NOT greasy. I have numerous clients who use and love it for all these hair styles.

Question: Have you tried the Organic Root Stimulation products and would you recommend any of these products?

Answer: No - I have not used them and I don't recommend anything I don't know anything about or that I have not used.

Question: Are Dr Miracle products any good?

Answer: I have never used Dr Miracle nor do I ever intend to use it in the future. “Dr Miracle” although the silhouette on the box is Black and the hand shooting out of all their advertisements is a Black hand, is just another African Pride product! If you missed the Upscale ‘Hair The Crown, The Glory’ article in August 2004 it says “..according to hair expert Brian K. Marks, founder and owner of African Pride, All Ways Natural and Ginsing Miracle hair products, and his partner, chemist Fred Siegel, Ph.d. Such ingredients, found in all of the products of their newest line, Dr Miracle…” So basically it is another product by African Pride with a black label slapped on it! So there is no “black” inventor of this stuff who used it on his mother and sisters etc as their advertisements proclaim! It is basically another white product company trying to make and sell us black hair care products. Also you should not be able to “feel” a relaxer on my head!

Question: I want to first thank you for your efforts in researching Black Hair and after reading your book, it has truly been an "eye-opening" experience. So open, that I second guess and scrutinize the labeling of ALL products! I have questions about the use of products with deionized water, petrolatum, cetearyl alcohol, phenoxyethanol and hydrolyzed wheat protein, especially the hydrolyzed wheat protein. Are these ingredients friend or foe?

Answer: It depends on when you use them. I recommend protein only be used in the conditioning stage. Product manufactures know we need it but in the moisturizing stage the protein is put on and not rinsed out. Protein is drying and should never be repeatedly left on the hair as it purposely makes the hair hard. Hard hair is something I just don’t want.

Petroleum is bad in all cases. It is like liquid saran wrap and putting it on your scalp causes major problems yet the industry stills pushs it on us because of our ignorance and theirs.

Cetearyl alcohol is a crème alcohol. The drying alcohols in hair spray are the ones we should be concerned and I don’t recommend they be left it on more than 2 days before they are washed out to prevent drying out our already dry hair.

Question: I just bought your book a couple of weeks ago and started using your program. I thought the price of the conditioner was a bit prohibitive so I bought a regular restructuring deep conditioner from Sally's beauty supply store and found that my hair (and my daughter's) dries out within a day or so and regular moisturizing just doesn't help. Why don’t these conditioners work?

Answer: Traditional conditioners do not contain the oils we need so I am not surprised that it did not live up to your expectations.

Question: I am in the process of purchasing your book from I have read a lot of the testimonies from your website. What I would like to know is whether you have tried or have gotten any testimonies about a relaxer called PHYTOSPECIFIC PhytoRelaxer Egg & Soya Complex Kit and if so would you recommend it? Their website is Someone told me that it is a very gentle relaxer system.

Answer: Yes I have heard of it, No one has provided me with any testimonials about it, nor would I expect to get any on this product either. I also would not use it and I would not recommend it!

Question: I must say that after reading through your website and review of competitor’s article, I was very impressed. I really like the "minty" conditioner and your book is right on point. I also use the product Root Stimulator and occasionally treat my hair to a "Honey and Mayo" cream treatment. How do you feel about these products on the hair?

Answer: I do not use Organic stimulator "anything" and I do not intend to use it in the future so I cannot tell you anything about that product or the product line. Sorry but you use it as your own risk.

Question: My only question is how soon can I expect a difference in my hair while using your products? How long will I have to continue to use your product to see results continuously?

Answer: That depends on what you are trying to achieve. With my products most women notice an immediate improvement because the products you have been using are garbage in that they provide no real benefit. You don’t have to use my products if you find something comparable. At this writing, there are none that compare to my products. You should use the system identified in the book indefinitely if you are serious about maintaining.

Question: How long does each product last(per month)?

Answer: That depends on how much you use, how often you use it, and how long your hair is. I get 3-4 applications from the 8 oz conditioner considering how long my hair is and approximately 2-1/2 months from the 16 oz bottle of silky spray, spraying it on each time I wash and detangle my hair. There is no average.

Question: I use Alternatives moisturizer and after reading your book, you said that it should not contain alcohol, protein and petroleum....Alternatives contains Cetearyl Alcohol, Petrolatum, and Hydrolyzed Soy this why my hair has been brittle and thin?

Answer: This is my guess as to why it is brittle because of the ingredients. Your thin hair is possibly caused from relaxer use.

Question: Nowhere in your book or online does it list the ingredients of your products. Where can I get this information?

Answer: This information is on the products page. Click on + Details for the products you have interest in.

Question: Do you recommend using Mane and Tail?

Answer: No, I have never used it and I don't recommend anything I have not used myself.

Question: I was wondering if you knew of any long-term drawbacks (based on specific ingredients) of using the Wave Nouveau Finishing Lotion on my relaxed hair?

Answer: The name kind of throws me because I would speculate that the "finishing lotion" is some form of moisturizer? If it is a product similar to hair gel then I would be reluctant to use it every day! I just am not familiar with the product. As far as drawbacks to using Wave Nouveau on your relaxed hair, since I have never used the product I would not recommend anything that I have not personally used. If the ingredients are similar to the ones I discuss in the book that should be contained in a good moisturizer, then it probably is okay - I just cannot say yes as I don't really know. If you think it works for you then by all means use it.

Question: What do you think of Wanakee products?

Answer: As far as Wanakee products, I don't use them and I know that the "research" she said she did in her pamphlet says "grow, grow, grow, trim" implying that we need to trim our hair to make it grow - In my opinion - anybody proclaiming that message is promoting a gimmick. We have tried the "trimming" thing for decades and if that REALLY worked - there would have been no need for my research, book or products! My website has a review of her methods by one of my customers; take the time to read it, as these words come from someone who says they have used it unsuccessfully. As far as if her products are good, I do not know anything about her products as I have never tried them. Paul Begoun reviewed her products and I incorporated many of Paula's comments in my book.

I do know from personal experience that "protective styles" "aka" French Rolls and "buns" rob my ends of moisture when I put them against the other hair. My ends become very crisp and dry which is obviously not what I would want for my ends! I wear my hair down EVERYDAY and it has not hindered my hair growth! I do not wear "protective styles" and do not believe they provide any benefit in helping me keep my hair on my head and add length!.

BTW, Wanakee products are no longer in existance as of this writing.

Question: I was in a bookstore just yesterday and saw your book. I had not heard of your product. In your book you note that hair is dead. If hair is dead how can it be "strengthened" by your product?

Answer: Things that are dead CAN be strengthened. A leather jacket was once an animal’s skin. It is no longer living on the animal but the skin can be preserved for years in the jacket-if it is treated. A protein treatment builds onto the hair using the same substance hair is made of, protein. The lack of protein is why it can become brittle and break.

Question: I went to Wanakee's website (when it was Wanakee's webite) and I saw that she contradicts you in a lot of ways. She claims that you must trim your hair and wear your hair in "protective styles" in order to achieve hair growth. I already know your view about this, but aren't you more experienced than her? I mean, you DID research and everything, so where is Wanakee getting her information from?

Answer: Wanakee is a beautiful black model with waist length hair (which looks to be type 3 instead of type 4) that for many years was used as a celebrity model to sell products created by a company called (the website was then under The products even carried her name making people believe they were products she created and used and they helped her get her long beautiful hair. Sisters bought it thinking she had some magic in the products to make her hair grow like that. (a marketing ploy used since before Madame CJ Walkers times) A small pamphlet was put together that was given away free that said trimming was necessary for the hair to grow! Obviously she was not knowledgeable about hair to suggest that trimming has anything to do with hair growth. Beverly Johnson was their last celebrity model for HairOil.coms and according to a page on their website; they have cut ties with her now and are removing her name from the products. It was quite humorous to use Beverly Johnson because everybody knows Beverly Johnson wears wigs! Now sisters are mad because they thought Wanakee used these products! People know we want hair and they will sell you what you will buy. Wanakee did NO research or product development. She was just another celebrity model that was used to market a product based on her looks and celebrity status and people bought into.

Question: Who is Wanakee? Every time I type in, I get Beverly Johnson’s (the model) website. Is Beverly Johnson, Wanakee?

Answer: See my answer above.

Question: What is ceramide?

Answer: According to Ruth Winter Cosmetic Ingredients consumer dictionary it is synthetic alcohol.

Question: I just found out that I am 3 months pregnant. Is it still ok to use your hair products with all of the hormonal changes that hair goes through during pregnancy?

Answer: UBH products do not affect your hormones. They are external treatments for the hair.

Question: Hi I've been trying to get my hair to grow for years yes, years. It just seems like it just doesn't want to grow. I tried Magical Gro, African Pride everything. So can you please help me help make my hair grow?

Answer: My system is proven. I don’t tell lies of give you gimmicks. Just reading my book will tell you that a product is not just the only thing we need to keep our hair on our heads and add length. Read my REAL testimonials on my site if you have not done so already and get a hold of a copy of my book for some real insight!

Question: I have been using the spray moisturizer as a detangler after washing out the conditioner and before I use the hooded dryer to dry. Is this also okay?

Answer: Many sisters have told me they use my spray moisturizer as a detangler. I find it works very well as a detangler on my natural hair. I do caution combing relaxed hair when wet because wet relaxed hair it is stretched to its longest length. Relaxed hair is weakened by the chemical so when you comb it wet, you stretch it beyond the tensile length and if it is not very strong, it will snap. Just comb relaxed very carefully when it is wet.

Question: Cathy I read your first book years ago when it was first published and followed your instructions. My hair is fine and thin, so my problem wasn't hair growth but hair breakage. I had much success with your first book. Although I've strayed somewhat off and on over the years, trimming my ends periodically, using brushes curling irons etc. At 45 years old now, I believe I'm experiencing premenopausal symptoms of hair thinning and hair falling out from the roots. So here I am again years later ordering your second edition. What do you think of the companies who promote one of the causes of hair loss is DHT and advertise their expensive "drug free" product? Have you heard of these companies? Or have you heard of anyone who has had any success with these products? Just curious because of course they will advertise testimonials of success. Thank you for your years of research and I wish you continued success with your book and your products.

Answer: Sandra, you did not say if you are relaxing your hair and if you are, this could be the cause of your thinning hair. Another problem could be the lack of good hair treatments that could be causing your hair problems. After you get your hair into good shape, you need to continue with treatments to KEEP it in good condition or you revert back to just mediocre hair instead of GREAT hair. Yes I have heard of the manufactures that supply the DHT products. That is not our problem but they will make you think it could be. Our problems are mostly breakage and things we do to our hair like chemical relaxers being smoothed against our heads. I am postmenopausal but my hair is not being affected at all - I also don’t take hormones. Don’t invest in this stuff because I don’t think it will help you.

Question: I just came across your web site while being upset at the way my hair is coming out. I am on medication...Predinsone, methotrexate, hydrochlorothiazide, folic acid, vioxx, and estrace. Needless to say my hair is coming out and I am at my wits end on what to do. Will your book and products help me even though I am on all these meds?

Answer: If the cause of your hair loss is the medication, regretfully the application of topical products will not address internal issues caused by medications. If the cause of your hair falling off is because of breakage and dry hair, yes it will help. Get a hold of the book. It will help you identify things that you may just be doing wrong if it is not the medication that could be the cause of some of your problem.

Question: My question to you is about aloe vera, do I understand correctly when you say that it is a protein? In my years in the lab, I had heard of wheat based protein to replace animal protein, but never aloe vera based protein. I wonder where you got this source for this information.

Answer: The Cosmetic ingredients dictionaries list aloe vera as a protein. Although it is mostly water, it does contain protein as well.

Question: I was wondering if your methods and products work with black hair that is dry but the scalp is slightly oily from psoriasis, leaving flakes and a scaly build up on the scalp. If I wash my hair and put no oil on it the hair is very dry but eventually the scalp has the buildup and a slightly oily feel to it really greasier than anything else. Anyway, the greasiness comes from the scalp to about half way the length, though my ends stay a little dry and frizzy. My hair is also very fine. My hair had grown to about a little below the shoulders, I had stopped getting it relaxed for about a year, went to a salon, the first thing she did was clip the "ends", went back a few time, ends were clipped several more times. It now seems that my hair growth has slowed immensely. It is an inch or so above the shoulders. There are also areas that are sparser than others. I really want to grow my hair and have tried other products which do not seem to be working.

Answer: My products actually improve the hair. Most of our problems are caused by things we do or do not do such as more frequent washing. When I don’t wash often, my scalp itches a lot to the point that I have scratched sores on my scalp. Needless to say that is not what I want. Others have told me the same is true when they don’t wash often. If you are experiencing new growth and yet you have no length, your hair dresser is cutting off all your hair. Please read my book and stop the trims as it has nothing to do with hair growth. It never has and it never will! It is propaganda the industry perpetuates to get your money. It is ignorance and you should not be subjected to it unless you allow it to happen.

Question: On occasion I have had opportunity to hear about your product on radio and I was wondering about the effect of the product on naturally straightening male hair that isn't going to be shoulder length. Are their many male clients with similar concerns? I would personally like to have neat straight hair that does not require activator to drop off my shoulders as did the jeri curls. Is this achievable with your product even though the hair will not likely be grown to s shoulder length level?

Answer: UBH products do not discriminate against men! Men have the same dry hair problems that women do with afro textured hair. Our products do not straighten your hair. Our products improve the texture of the hair so it stops breaking. It also softens the hair and is not greasy. Many brothers use our products because their wives will put it in the bathroom and the entire family uses it. We have one male client that is using our products to grow his hair long to donate it to lock of love organization for young black children with cancer. So yes our products will work for men too.

Question: Good morning Cathy, I order and use Rosemary oil on the sides of my temple and I read something in your testimonials not to put grease on the scalp but on the ends of the hair. So I have two questions 1. Is the side temple the same as the scalp and 2. How does putting the moisturizer or oil on the ends of the hair work for the scalp?

Answer: Temple balm is a gimmick! If your temples are gone, they are probably gone for good. Nothing goes on your scalp. And no I NEVER use or do I recommend GREASE! Ends of the hair are the oldest and the driest part of the hair. Moisturizers provide needed moisture to help minimize breaking.

Question: I used to live in Denver which is a dry place. Now I am in Kentucky. To return to Denver, should I adjust the way I use your products?

Answer: It is not necessary to adjust the products for geographic location.

Question: I have read your book and 2 of your products are really great! I enjoyed the book and I think although you put most the info in the book on the website, it still makes a good reference book on my bookshelf.

Answer: The book actually contains a system. The website merely references the book.

Question: Is there a bookstore in New Orleans that carries the book?

Answer: Some Barnes and Noble carry it as well as Borders. If they don’t have it, they can special order it for you. I have heard they can take up to 3 weeks to get it for you. Ordering from us or you can receive it in 2-3 business days.

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