Praise for Cathy Howse Ultra Black Hair System

Question: I am a 23 yr. old black female. I found your book 2 years ago when I was researching about how to grow black hair. I have to say I am very proud of you and I appreciate you sharing your knowledge to enlighten others. At the time that I read your book, I wanted to write and ask how come there isn't more publicity for your product and how come I didn't hear of it before! I thought Oprah should give it a try and then Cathy could get on Oprah and talk about her book! Every black woman should have a copy in my opinion. It is an excellent reference. It's so rare to find things that work. (I was surprised because there is too much hair growth material out there that is bogus.) But reading your book, it just made so much sense to me, it was direct, my hair grows longer, fuller, is healthier. People ask me if I am Indian or Puerto Rican or something because they are not used to seeing this much length and soft hair in a black woman. I was surprised to see that you knew things about hair that even hairdressers didn't. Also, I was very irritated that they kept trimming my hair for no good reason..even when I say no. I don't even go anymore I just do it at home. I have very thick hair but it still takes me about an hour to half an hour less doing my own hair your way than having hairdresser do it. Also it doesn't cost an arm and a leg i'm a student after all and on a budget. I never knew it was possible to have nice hair and to do it all at home. I recommend you to everyone I see because I want all black women to have long hair. Once again thank you for being an inspiration and for educating us. Keep up the good work and god bless you.

Answer: Thanks Abby, for your excellent testimonial. I wanted so badly to be on Oprah, yet I was told that this is not a subject that would interest an Oprah audience (they are mostly white). You would think that they would understand that hair is hair and the principles will work for everyone. I am a small guy that had an idea with potential to change the world. After being on the market for over 20 years, people try to copy my method. I travel around the country letting sisters know we have hope. My plan is to continue spreading the word until every black woman out there knows proper hair care, or, everyone who wants to know.

Question: I'm just surprised I haven't heard about you before if you have been this successful. This is just what African Americans have wanted since the beginning of time. You should have captured the market by now and made hair weaves a thing of the past.

Answer: I too thought this would happen when I developed the system in 1985. Being on the internet is what has made me very successful in the past 5 years. It also had a slow start because of skepticism and because we have been lied to so much. Finally because I am not in the industry most hairdressers hate what I do because they say “I am taking money out of their pockets teaching you how to take care of your hair.” So needless to say the industry tries to denounce what I do because they did not develop it.

Question: I just wanted to share a chuckle with you, I participate on a Hair Forum "Long Hair Care Forum" Well from time to time "Cathy Howse" comes up and of course there are mixed reviews but some of the negative things people say are so stupid. Anyway, I am always advocating you and they said that I must be a "spy" for you. I think it's funny that people will do and say anything, rather than to give people the recognition that they are due. I'm a pastor's wife so I'm so used to this. Well This young lady came to me at church in the bathroom and she said "Miss your hair is so pretty and long what do you do or has it always been long" I told her the story of the evil hearted hairdresser that cut 6 inches off my hair and how I found your book, conditioner and spray I asked if she heard of you and she said no. It's surprising to hear that so many people have not heard. Well I ordered more spray the other day and the Lord put on my heart to give her my book, now for me that was like asking Abraham to slay Isaac, I'm like my book?!?!? LOL Well I have personal ties to that book so, when I ordered my spray I ordered her a book, so she can have her own brand new copy. Sometimes we don't like to share with others we want to keep good things to ourselves, (not tell our secrets) but you really need to be exposed as much as possible, so every time someone asks, I tell them UBH and give them the site address. Word of mouth is it.

Back to the forum, this woman said well, "I would never use her stuff, because of her attitude when answering questions." I said well that's kind of like not buying toothpaste to prove a point, You NEED the toothpaste, the toothpaste doesn’t need YOU. I think I got people kind of hot over there. Oh well. I'm glad that I gave it try, amid all the negative comments. Sorry, didn’t mean to write a book here. "I'd also like to comment about some of the negative remarks I've read about your hair care techniques. I enjoy reading books about black history makers -- King, Tubman, Robinson, Dubois --the list goes on and on. The one thing all of these great men and women had in common was people who would tear them down. So please just ignore the haters and keep on stepping up. Thanks for putting in the hard work on behalf of sisters everywhere and I wish you much continued success."

Answer: God needed a big mouth messenger who is not afraid of a billion dollar industry of crooks! I am guided by my creator and I will die defending the cause and right of the black women who want to wear their own hair! Thank you for helping continue spread the word. You know we were warned that the truth will fall on deaf ears. Many years later this lady will look back and realize you had the truth!

Question: I wrote to you a while back about washing my hair with water that has been said to be the worst because it is desalinated and your response made sense to me, not to blame our problems on the environment. Since then I have gone full out in following your hair tips and quite frankly I have seen results that I didn't expect so soon. Most of my friends have noticed that my hair has improved and lengthened. Thank you for that. The only thing I still suffer from is dry hair after a deep conditioning with UBH conditioner. Don't get me wrong I love it and I always use spray to moisturize, but I find that I need to use a little bit of crème to make my hair softer. What is your opinion about this? Though very expensive for me to ship your products to the Middle East, I shall try as long as I can because I care very much about my hair. Thank you Cathy and congratulations for being on 'who's who'.

Answer: Mercy, thank you for your excellent testimony! Try using my Satin crème moisturizer after you condition your hair. I use it to help soften and smooth my hair cuticle. Thanks for helping spread the word too!!

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