Brushing Hair Tips

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Question: <! Begin Question --> I recently ordered your products looking for a way to grow my hair. I am only 13 years old and due to what I think was a cause of damaged hair my once long and quick growing hair started to drop and I am bald in the back and around the sides. The top of my hair reaches to just below my neck but it’s just that there is nothing in the back of my head growing. I read your book in one night eager to find out what how I could help my problems. The book has been a great help and the spray moisturizer I found softens and moisturizes my hair nicely, seeing how dry and brittle it was before and dropping all over the place. When I got the chapter about Not Using Brushes I was willing to do whatever it takes to grow my hair, but, my hair is very rough around the edges and I find it very hard not to be seen without brushing. I'm trying not to use perms on my hair. Do you have any suggestions? I am going to try your suggestions and I'm sure they will be helpful. <! End Question -->

Answer: <! Begin Answer --> Zehira, I am proud that at such a young age you are taking control of your hair. It is because of improper care that you are experiencing hair problems. Now that you have read my book and know what you can and cannot do I believe you will be successful with your hair care if you continue to apply the techniques offered in the book. Reread the book often so you don’t forget what the requirements are. I am glad you found the spray moisturizer to be beneficial to your hair.

On brushing - you know what I say about that. I use a wide tooth comb to get my hair in place. Get yourself some hair polish. Hair polish will smooth your hair and also makes it soft. Don’t mistake it for moisturizing though. It is merely a cuticle smoother. Just about any brand will work. Keep working with the system and I believe your hair that you mentioned is gone will return. The conditioner will really help your hair by strengthening it, thereby helping you keep it on your head and adding the length you want again. <! End Answer -->

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Question: <! Begin Question --> I am a seventeen year old girl wishing to grow my hair out. Will brushing my hair make it grow? Also, I noticed that you said brushes aren't good. How do I get the edges of my hair to stay straight without a brush? I like my edges really smooth. I'm anal about my hair! <! End Question -->

Answer: <! Begin Answer --> No brushing your hair will destroy it! This is covered in the book.

Brushes are okay for maintenance (smoothing the edges) but not to be used to stimulate hair growth. <! End Answer -->

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Question: <! Begin Question --> I was wondering how much of your spray moisturizer do I need to use. I am use to wearing my hair in a wrap and sometime I can get away with not using the curling iron. However when I use the spray I have to use the curling iron, to press my hair back out. Most of the techniques I was already doing however, the “no hairbrush” wasn't one of them. Would it be okay to use the type of brush that doesn't pull the hair for my wrapping, because I really don't notice losing any hair with the type of brush I was using...again please advise.. <! End Question -->

Answer: <! Begin Answer --> You could be using too much spray moisturizer if you are getting frizzy hair. Using your brush to obtain a style IS okay - using it to perform maintenance is wrong. Continue doing your wrap style but cut back on the spray moisturizer, use only a mist - don't saturate your hair with it. If you find a crème is better, by all means use my Satin crème moisturizer. You must use one or the other to keep moisture in your hair.

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