Hair Vitamin Tips: Do They Make Hair Grow Faster?

Question: How do you feel about the hair supplements HF37 and Visical? Do you think they are essential for the hair growth process or are B complex vitamins enough?

Answer: I would under NO circumstances take HF37 nor Visical and NEITHER are essential for hair growth nor is a B complex vitamin. Just the thought of taking 6 tablets frightens me! Both these products are distributed by the same company. Their parent company Sunset Internet Marketing started out as an Internet Development Consulting firm in 1995 and now they are selling hair vitamins among other things. Look closely at the HF37 website. The pictures of the people have fake hair on their heads. Not really what I am looking for when you tell me your "stuff" grows hair twice as fast.

Question: Hello, I just went on the website to search to grow black hair and there were two that I looked at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and Ultra Black hair Growth II 2000. I chose yours. I have a relaxer in my hair now. I always had problem with my hair. I want to start back wearing my hair natural. My hair is fine thin. The length is not over my ears. I stopped the relaxer and went to washing and straighten it and it was ok. But I got tired of pressing it every other day. So I put the relaxer back in. That was a BIG, BIG mistake. Wish I had your products last year when I went natural. My hair is coming out in the top a bald spot is there. I am wearing braids now. I ordered your Conditioning and Spray Moisturizer today. Please advise me what I need to do. Please no more relaxers. Please help me get my hair back strong and healthy. I have wasted lot of money on different products and vitamins. Please help me!

Answer: Give up the silly hair vitamins - they are useless for our hair concerns. If you can, get rid of the braids. I travel around the country and see the devastating effects of braids! Hair lines back to the ears and no sign of hair ever returning! Glued on hair creates the same problems, bald patches etc. If you have to wear anything fake, choose a wig and take care of your own hair underneath until you get your hair back in good condition.

Question: You recommended using iron supplements in your book to help stimulate hair growth. Is that iron as in ferrous sulphate or as in calcium. I see both in tablet form and do not know which one to use.

Answer: The iron I prefer is in capsules not tablets. Also iron DOES NOT stimulate hair growth; it enriches the blood feeding the hair cells. The only other thing I look for is chelated iron which easily absorbed into the bloodstream.

Question: You probably have heard about Hair Formula 37 vitamins that contain vitamins and proteins for the hair. I know you mentioned in your book about the importance of supplements for the hair, but this product contains 4200 mg of proteins (amino acids) for the hair. Have you heard of this product? If so, what do you think about that many mg of proteins?

Answer: The internal applications of protein have very little effect on the hair. Protein has to be applied to the outside of the hair to strengthen it. I experimented with this when I did my research. Ingesting large amounts of protein causes the body to speed up to process the extra protein. The brain feeds off glucose. When the body speeds up to process the additional protein, the brain is left with very little. You starve the brain of its only nourishment thereby causing you to have headaches and increased girth (in the midsection) when too much protein is taken without reducing carbohydrates.

On using this product for the vitamins, you be the judge, if it contains the recommended ones I stated in my book they are probably okay. I just would get rid of anything with protein in it that suggest it should be taken internally to make the hair stronger.

Question: What types of foods do you recommend to help nourish hair?

Answer: None - I eat all foods and none in particular are for the good of my hair, or purposely eaten for my hair.

Question: Will vitamin supplements make my hair grow?

Answer: NO they will not. Your hair is growing anyway unless you are going bald. Your hair may be breaking as fast as it grows. Their intent is to enrich the blood that carries oxygen to the hair cells. You still must take care of the hair externally. Taking supplements, internally will provide little benefit if the external hair is not cared for properly!

Question: Am I shedding because my hair desperately needs external protein or am I lacking a certain internal vitamin?

Answer: External protein and moisture are more required than the vitamins.

Question: I've made sure that I have enough iron and zinc in my diet thanks to reading your book. Is there any other supplement you could suggest that may help speed up my hair growth???

Answer: Nope nothing else is needed. The intent is NOT to "speed it up" - the intent of these nutritional supplements is to enrich the blood that carries oxygen to the hair cells!

Question: I want to thank you for that prompt response and I want to let you know that I am taking my vitamins. I use Affirm relaxer and I make sure that I wash and condition my hair with you UBH Conditioner 1or 2x a week. When I went for my touch-up my hair dresser asked me when was the last time I had a relaxer, I told her that I had gotten a touch up 6 weeks earlier, and she told me I had a lot of new growth which was a little over 1". I must say my hair is growing faster and I can see the results in each touch-up. I started your program May 2003 and my hair was shaved off in the back now I have 4" in the back and it is still growing beautifully and no I am not mixed with anything I am a black young woman (23) with a course and tight curled (nappy) hair and I can honestly say you program is working great for me. - Do you have any suggestions on another type of Vitamin? Right now I am taking Centrum but they're breaking out my face but they are helping my hair tremendously. I think I am going to stop taking them or at least take them 2x a week.-Katrina Spencer

Answer: Thank you for your wonderful testimony. I don’t take a multi-vitamin, I take my Iron in a capsule on its own and my zinc is included my calcium. Continued success to you!

Question: I'm not taking vitamins like I should. Will your products provide any benefit for me?

Answer: Yes my products will be of benefit even without the vitamins. The nutritional supplements are just added security that you are getting the necessary nutrients and that your blood is not deficient. Vitamins are not necessary if you eat a balanced diet.

Question: I want to know if I am taking the right kind of vitamins. I just started taking Centrum which is made up of a combination of different vitamins and they include the 2 main minerals you mentioned that is needed for the proper hair growth (Iron & Zinc). I have just started taking them this week. I must thank you for writing your book because I started your program on 2002 and I had braids at the time. Now my hair is in the middle of my neck. If it grows at the rate of 1" every 6 weeks, I hope to achieve at least 3" or 4" by yearend. I want to say again thank you for the long overdue knowledge.

Answer: Thank you for your compliment about my work. And yes the vitamins you are taking are fine as long as the Iron and Zinc are the (RDA) specified in the book. I am happy to hear of your success. Keep up the good work. I look forward to your testimonial letter in the future!

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