Balding and Thinning Hair Tips

Question: I received your book and I must add that it has very good information in thing I wanted to ask you is can the UBH deep conditioner and the UBH spray moisturizer grow bald edges and if I apply these products on my bald edges should I massage it?

Answer: Balding caused by tight braids and weaves is a huge problem for black women. We use to enhance our short hair with wigs and clip-on hairpieces, now with the fake hair weaves and braids, we are seeing lots of balding temples and sides, as well as receding hairlines and bald patches out all over. Fake hair in my opinion is bad news!

If the hair cells underneath the scalp are not dead the stimulant in the conditioner can help them. If they are dead, nothing will help them grow again. How can you tell if they are dead? If the hair has been missing from the spots for more than several months, the cells may be dead. If it has only been recently gone, the hair cells could be simply retarded from the constant pulling of the hair from the root. If hair is still in the spot, but is very little, it is possible that this will help.

As far as you putting the conditioner on your scalp, the product is actually intended for the hair. The stimulatin will get to the scalp from the product being on the hair. If you put it on your scalp it will not hurt you, however, the hair will benefit most by applying to it. Using it on your scalp to stimulate hair growth in the bald spots will not hurt you and it probably will not help either.

Question: I'm having a problem with the front of my hair. It always seems to be a lot shorter than the rest of it. I have been moisturizing my hair every day and deep conditioning every three days to one week with protein, using heat, just as you stated in the book. I also stopped using the blow dryers. I have also been air drying. I don't know why this is happening. My hair has been like this for years. I always see the regrowth at the roots, but it never seems to show any apparent length. The only time the front of my hair gets longer, is when I wear braid extensions, but then it starts to break off again once the braids are removed. People always assume that I have cut it at the front on purpose, but I haven't. Also what moisturizer do you currently use after having protein treatments? And how often should UBH conditioner be used?

Answer: Sophia, if you are seeing new growth and no length, your hair is breaking. Why? I suspect your products are inadequate or the hair tools you are using are causing your problems. If the hair is "growing" in braids, it is growing without them also. UBH conditioner should be used at least weekly and my Satin creme is the only moisturizer I use daily and after a protein treatment because it does not contain protein or mineral oil. Another problem could be that relaxer chemicals have changed the way the hair cell functions (DNA cell change). If the hair will only achieve about 1" of length and never gets any longer, this could be the cause.

Question: I just stumbled upon your website by accident, maybe this is the answer to my prayers. I have a questions, I hope you can help me with this: Every winter for the past several years, I have been having problems with SEVERE breakage and hair loss, sometimes to the point of baldness. What is it about "winter weather" that would cause me to loss my hair?

Answer: Perhaps the reason you are having the problems are self-inflicted! You will be able to truly answer the question of whether or not you are actually causing the problems only after reading my book. I really don't believe it is the changing seasons!

Question: I'm 35 years old and my hair looks like a 70 year or older person's hair with bald thin edges; I used to have very nice hair of course when I was younger but, now it's very bald and thin at the edges, very thin. Right now, I'm braiding my natural hair up underneath a wig because I'm too embarrassed to wear my own hair. This has been going on for at least 10 years. There was surely perm & coloring damaged throughout the years to my hair. What can you do to help?

Answer: There can be many reasons your hair is thin and balding aside from heredity it could be one or more of the following reasons: brushing, misapplied chemicals, hair pulled tightly from braids, finally heredity. Does your Mother have the same issues? Heredity you can't change but abusive techniques you use when caring for your hair, you can. If you have not read my book I would recommend you do so. You may find that many of the problems you have caused yourself!

Question: I'm an African American that has several problems I wish you can help me with. I need help desperately I will be in need of wearing a wedding dress next year and I need help now. My hair is thin, stringy #2 colored hair that will not relax straight, it has no life, bounce, or body, its short will not grow past a certain point before breaking off again, it's dry and when wet its extremely thin and breakable. Do you have any programs that will help me with my problems?

Answer: I think you have incorrectly defined your hair type. Type 2 hair does not experience the drying, breaking problems you are describing. I would like to suggest you have Type 4 hair if you have dry hair that constantly breaks. To correct your hair problems, reading my book is first and foremost. Then and only then can you begin to correct the problems you have.

Question: I haven't read your book yet, but I plan to buy it in the next couple of days. The information that I have read on your site doesn't say anything about" dry and itchy scalp." this has been a problem for me for the last 10 years, so much of a problem that hair at the 'crown of my head' has started to get thin. Not to mention that it sheds at least once per year in that "same area." The area that sheds ranges from the size of a dime to the size of a baseball. It is so bad that I just gave up on ever having hair there again. Before it would fall out, it would always grow back thick, not any more. For the last few years my hair has gotten thinner and thinner. The biopsy that I had a few weeks ago did not reveal any problems. My doctor said that my scalp is healthy. He is certan that my hair keeps shedding and getting thinner in that area because of all the scratchingI do. He said that because I scratch until my scalp is sore and swollen; the hair follicles experience some trauma. He even said that if he could hancuff me for two months that my hair would grow back. He prescribed something to treat my itchy scalp. What else can I do?

Answer: Your dermatologist is correct. I believe it is something in the products you are using that is causing you to itch. Oil applied to the scalp is also a culprit as well as only washing the hair 2X per MONTH. These are all problems and you could be causing the majority of them. Get my book. It will open your eyes

Question: I am 30 years old. After giving birth to my daughter 5 years ago, I began to lose my hair. Currently I have lost all my hair in the middle of my head. Please, I need your advice on what I should do.

Answer: Your hair lose may be from something you are doing. Get a copy of my book and identify how to eliminate the dryness. Other issues may be identified in the book.

Question: I never thought I would be asking this question, or need any kind of help where my hair is concerned. I've always had a lot of hair. It's always been very strong and healthy. However, that's not the case anymore. More specifically, I was wondering what information you could provide to me on the hair line? I have always had extremely long hair and still do and it does go through stages of growth and shedding. Recently, I'd say in the last couple of years, I've been experiencing a considerable amount of breakage around the hair line all the way around from the front to the back. The top and back of my hair is very long in the front, front sides and the back base is very short. I don't know what to do. I take really good care of my hair, I always buy the best products, do deep conditionings every week and rarely blow dry or use heat products. I usually wrap my hair at night, because it's convenient, quick, and in the morning it's easier to manage. Can you give me some insight on what could be going on with my hair line or the hair line in general? Thank you - T

Answer: Brushing, braids, weaves, glued on hairpieces, improperly applied relaxers and medications can all contribute to hair loses in specific areas as well as hair loss all over the head. Just because you deep condition does not mean the products you are using are benefiting your hair. It is up to you to find out why you have this problem. Start with my book.

Question: I have had alopecia for a long time(5 years+) on the top of my head that may be due to beautician musical chairs, but they have grown my hair to shoulder length, provided I wear an up do hairstyle or tease the area. I have tried every product known to man to correct this problem, seen every doctor, but unsuccessful every time. Will your book, conditioner and spray moisturizer (do the job) or will I just have to face that there is no solution but (hair transplant or weave?) to achieve healthy, thick hair as others once were so envy of.

Answer: The longer the hair has been gone, the likely possibility it is gone for good. My book will open your eyes and stop you from doing further damage to your hair. My conditioner will improve your dry hair as well as my spray moisturize. As far as a solution for returning your missing hair, none of my products will work at improving that. The thing that I will promise is that after you read my book you will be able to identify why you have your hair loss and how to prevent further problems.

Question: I have had thin, almost bald sides (temples) as long as I can remember. My hair is thin and has never grown past my earlobe. I will be ordering the products, but I wondered if following this system could cause the hair to grow in my temple area as well?

Answer: Whether your balding sides come back depends on how long the hair has been gone, what caused the balding and if the hair cells underneath the scalp are retarded or plain and simple dead. If they have been gone for a long time then it probably will not come back because the hair cells are dead. If this is a new problem, perhaps they are just retarded from braids too tight etc. If this is the case, it is possible to restimulate the hair cells and start them producing hair again.

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