Black Hair Scam Tips

Question: How can I identify hair growth gimmick?

Answer: Hair growth gimmicks have been around for decades. Because we spend 3-4 more per capita on our hair, everybody wants that money. There may be one or more of these qualifiers in their message. Here are the ones I am familiar with:

1. If the person in the picture does not look like you (Caucasian, Spanish, etc) and they are marketing to you, it is a gimmick.

2. If they are using children with long hair in the advertisements and the children are biracial (Madame Walker used this gimmick with May a biracial child with long hair to sell her products), it is a gimmick.

3. If the website looks hokey and the person claims to be a professional in some capacity, it is a gimmick.

4. If they can only produce very few made up "testimonials" of other's successes, it is a gimmick.

5. If they are marketing a product alone without an accurate instruction, it is a gimmick.

6. If the website is up for years and never changes, it is a gimmick.

7. If the method mentions trimming the hair as a requirement to make the hair grow, it is a gimmick.

8. If the person is a known wig wearer, it is a gimmick.

9. If they are marketing an internal treatment alone (aka hair vitamins), it is a gimmick.

10. If the company offers a product line with a bunch of products you can buy cheaper at the local store and the product line contains grease with vitamins in it, it is a gimmick.

11. If a website offers a “downloadable book” only available on the website and steals the very words from my book and website like “common sense” and “proven system for growing hair”. There are no before pictures and the pictures on the website look like fake hair. They claim some “break through system” that was just developed in 2004 when it steals the very words from my literature that was written in 1989. And the testimonies are typed in HTML as opposed to REAL testimonies. They claim to have done some research but it is obvious that the only research they did was on my website and in my book! It is a gimmick.

These are the ones I can think of at this time but as new ones pop up I will update this list.

Question: Recently I saw another company on the internet with your name UBH Publications, however there was a (-) dash in the name. Is this company affiliated with you?

Answer: NO they are not!!!! There are several scams out there. For instance website is a scam. They steal the pictures off my website and put my name all over their site just to get you to visit theirs. Watch out for the many scams that will try to piggy back off my success. Another scam to watch out for is called "Grow My Hair". They have actually stolen the words off my page and my pictures and is a computer virus.

If you are not on this website then you could be setting yourself to be scammed. This type of trickery has been going on for decades. UBH has one other website Do not be misled as they know we want hair and people who simply want our money are everywhere. Just as the Nigerian scam that is sweeping the internet now and taking many for thousands of dollars unscrupulously (some Nigerian scam artist will buy your plane tickets to Nigeria then kidnap and hold you for ransom) so are the scam artist who pretend they can help you with your hair. The one thing we do have now is information everywhere so you can make a conscious decision BEFORE you buy into yet another scam.

Question: Are you aware of any particular brand or make of hair comb that IS NOT made from a mold that leaves "seams" in the teeth, subsequently pulling, tearing or ripping out our hair? I just happened to run across BlackwomenRejoice website yesterday after having engaged in a healthy debate with a co-worker regarding black hair care and the difference in care that it inherently requires. When I clicked on her link, I got tossed into A MESS of a screen. It was actually one of many areas of Brenda's website that anyone can get into, but girl it was just a MESS!!!! Words strewn clear across the screen; no apparent order to ANYTHING! I did finally get to her home page, which was a sight better, but the stuff she talks about (or DOESN'T talk about).... I just don't know, Cathy. I JUST DON'T KNOW!!!!!

This other sister, Carolyn Gray, has a much more eye-appealing website. However, if aesthetics is all someone is interested in, I guess folks will buy into her theories and/or philosophies, too! When I read something about "oiling the scalp", I gasped, and left her website! Of course, I did take note that she was sponsoring some sort of Hair Care Clinic/Cruise. (MY PEOPLE, MY PEOPLE, MY PEOPLE!!!!) I'm not getting caught up in that stuff. While I do realize that it is important to watch what you use in your hair, I'm not foolish enough to think that a comb ALONE will be the ruination one's progress with hair growth! Besides, she makes what she has to say sound so freakin' mysterious.... Not kosher AT ALL!

Answer: On the comb, no I don't know of a comb that you are speaking however, I must ask you not to become involved in that hype as it is not founded on truth or fact!

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