Workouts and Black Hair Tips

Question: Do you have any special recommendations for persons with active workout lifestyles, who sweat profusely daily at the gym?

Answer: As far as recommendations for active lifestyles, there is unfortunately very little that I can offer, however, I will tell you what I do when I was relaxing my hair and it came close to my retouch. I too have an active lifestyle and often sweat a lot in my head. The day I was scheduled in for a retouch, I avoided any activity that will make me sweat because I experienced burning from the chemical if the pores are opened even that morning of the relaxer. The closer it got to my relaxer; I use my spray moisturizer along with my flat iron to straighten the new growth. I also found that I would have to sometimes wash every other day if my hair got too tight near the scalp. Washing more often is probably not what you wanted to hear but I found it is necessary to keep my hair from getting too stiff and dry at the roots.

Now that I am all-natural, my regimen is to wash my hair once a week and then blow-dry and iron. I work out on the treadmill daily and yes I sweat in my scalp but that does not make we grab the flat iron to straighten my roots. I just deal with them being a little kinky until I redo my hair the following week. I definitely don’t want to iron my hair dirty.

Question: I have been on your system for years. Last year I learned how to swim and it is becoming a sport and relaxation technique that I thoroughly love. After I began swimming, my hairdresser noticed my hair was becoming dryer and convinced me to start all over (After reading your book I have changed hairdressers since). Is there a way I can keep the moisture in my hair and swim too!

Answer: Keeping moisture in your hair requires replacing it, and that may include doing it more often than once a day when you swim. The worst part about swimming is the chlorine that gets in the hair making it drier than normal. My advice for swimmers it to use a clarifying shampoo or a swimmers shampoo to remove the chlorine (if you swim every day, once a week is fine to clarify) If you only swim on days you wash your hair, deep condition after you swim and always use your moisturizer to replace lost moisture and to soften your hair to prevent excessive hair loss and breakage. One of the best styles to do when you swim often is to braid your own hair. This will prevent excessive hair loss when you comb your hair after swimming. Use my Silky Spray moisturizer to soften and detangle your hair as well for a less stressful combing experience.

Washing Black Hair Tips

Question: I am in college and I work so only have time to wash my hair once (twice if I’m lucky) a week. My head starts to itch a lot and I scratch it ...sometimes profusely and my scalp is a bit sore. It just itches so much. Can scratching to much affect my growth results or make me lose extra hair? What do you suggest I do??

Answer: Candice, washing once a week is fine. As I get closer to a retouch I find I need to wash more often because of the need to scratch also. Scratching too much will do nothing to the growth rate. Friction in the same area of the head, same spot can result in hair loss if it is not stopped. Take for instance if a person rubs their head vigorously in the same spot day in and day out. This will result in the hair permanently disappearing from the spot as a result of friction. You may also have an allergic reaction to the products you are using. Try changing your shampoo or use a clarifier to see if this helps.

Question: My second question is about water. The water here is desalinated and everybody tends to think that it is the number one cause for hair breakage. People say it is too hard. I don't know what to think.

Answer: Don’t blame the environment for your hair troubles. That is not the problem. Caring for your hair appropriately is the key and you have found the answers in my book. Use the system then you decide if your friends know what they are talking about. I say they don’t know because if they did, they would not have hair problems if the solution they had offered worked. (not washing the hair was their solution.) It is ignorance that keeps our hair in bad condition and you now have the truth.

Question: Most of my friends don't want to wash their hair here and only do it when they have no choice. What do you think Cathy?

Answer: Baloney is what I think and that is the reason we have no hair!!

Question: It is summer and extremely warm. Lately I have been washing my hair every other day if not every day. Is this damaging to my hair? (When I do this, it is air drying, no blow dryer).

Answer: Washing your hair every day is not a problem (look at white people -if this was a problem, they would all be bald headed) It is not how often you wash your hair that causes the problem; it is what you wash your hair with. You can wash your hair every day and apply a conditioner to your hair (not UBH conditioner) that rinses out in the shower. This will help to smooth the hair. But you still must do your deep conditioning treatments at least 1 X per week.

Question: Congratulations on your book, it is wonderful, truly common sense is the only way to grow hair. May you continue to prosper, and thank you for bringing the truth out. I have been on your program for about 2 weeks now, so hopefully after 1 year I will be able to send you before and after photos. After reading your book I have found out now why it is so important to wash your hair. There is one thing that has always puzzled me. Before reading your book, I would put off washing my hair for a long time, because when I tied my hair and untied it, it seemed to have grown considerable. Then when I do wash it, my hair seems to shrink. The question I am asking you is why is it that hair seems to shrink when you wash your hair....???

Answer: When hair is wet it is stretched to its tensile length, which is the longest length. It is because we have a tight curl pattern and when the hair dries, it returns to the natural curl of the hair unless it has been chemically altered.

Question: I read in your book that you recommend that we wash our hair once a week. I talked to a girl who washes hers once every 2 weeks (the way I used to). Do you think that washing Afro-American hair every other week will damage it? I am just afraid to continue washing my hair once a week. I do not want to lose too much hair.

Answer: Washing your hair EVERY day if you choose to will not damage it. It is what you wash your hair with! If washing every day was a problem all white people would be baldheaded! The not washing is a myth we have lived with for decades!

Skeptics and Problems with Ultra Black Hair

Question: CATHY, I’ve been following the moisture balance program to a "T" but my hair will grow to my shoulder then it starts to break off to almost bald, is it possible a perm could cause this much damage? It's not just my hair but my 16 year old daughter and my 5 yr. old daughter’s hair is growing just fine. The 5 year old doesn't have a perm. I've started using hot oil treatments and fermidol and any conditioner that has protein, do you have any suggestions?

Answer: Yes I do have a suggestion, use my products because the stuff that you are using is apparently not anything that is improving the hair. Just using the method is not enough if you don’t use good products. I never say USE HOT OIL TREATMENTS AND FERMIDOL AND ANY CONDITIONER THAT HAS PROTEIN. This is obviously where you are going wrong.

Question: I don't have the money to get your conditioner right now but I do have some royal braid spray that supposed to be good for braids and natural hair in which I have a relaxer in my hair and that spray leaves my hair sticky after a few days of use. However, I just started washing my hair every three days alone with deep conditioning for 15min. I also realize that all that breaking has left an almost bald patch from the crown-center of my head to the neck. I seems as though everyone has healthier shiny hair but me and I wonder do they moisturizer daily and wash their hair on a regular basis. Why do I have so many problems with my hair?

Answer: The conditioner you are using does not have the ingredients that will improve your hair as mine does. If you choose to use something else, perhaps this is the reason you are having the problems you are because your products are inadequate. In order to improve your hair you need to use products that benefit your hair. The reason I created the conditioner is because the products we are given to conditioner do not contain the requirements I found we need for our hair. I realize everybody cannot afford my products, which is unfortunate because you are stuck with using the products that usually provide little or no real benefit. I recommend you stay away from the braids as this could be the reason you have the bald patch on your head. Another problem could be your use of relaxers causing the bald spot in the crown of your head. So using products that do not improve your hair and the use of chemical relaxers could be your problem.

Question: My name is Gwen. I am pure African from the Southern part of Africa. I only write to you because I am desperate. Where I am staying is very hot and dry. I hate my hair. It is thin, dry and coarse. It never really grows. It breaks easily. I can't even relax it, because it is so thin. I braid my hair most of the time, but sometimes I just want to treat my hair without having to braid it. Even the braiding doesn't help to let it grow much. I am so fed up with my hair I don't know what to do. As I went through your photos I realized that your web site is definitely not for me. Your hair was a thousand times longer than mine ever grew. I don't believe that my hair can ever grow like that. I only write to you because you did research on dry hair types. Actually, the truth is I hope you can tell me something positive about my hair. Please Cathy, I am desperate.

Answer: I am a believer that your problems are caused by what you don’t know about your hair. My hair is only long because I now know what appropriate hair care is for African Americans. I always wanted my hair to be better too. Before you say that this is not for you, please do yourself 1 favor, buy the book. It will open your eyes! It tells you how to take care of a dry hair type. Dry hair is dry hair and the moisture balance in the book will eliminate dry hair if you follow the system. The book is worth the $15.00 investment. If nothing more, your eyes will be immediately opened!

Question: I was searching around for products that would moisturize my hair and I stumbled upon your website. I have read the testimonies and I have done a little research myself on the ingredients in your product and I see that you are REALLY telling the truth. However, I would like to read your book and get your products, but I am in Canada. I don't know what to do....I read somewhere where you said the book could be ordered through my local library. If your respond to this e-mail, then I know that you are not like the other people who are just trying to become a millionaire off of people like me. Please respond.

Answer: Aeryka, Let me say that I am in NO way like the "others" out there proclaiming they can help our hair when they don’t even know our hair. The others are gimmicks my method is based on facts. I spent years researching and writing before I developed a single product. I am not sure what you read that said you can get it from the local library but it was not that the library can get it for you to purchase they only supply books to check out and read (I think). You would have to get it from, my website or Barnes and Noble if you want your own copy. I really recommend you have your own copy because it is the most comprehensive black hair care manual available and you will need to refer to it often.

Question: Do you, have any recommendations as to what products one can use if, for whatever reason, one is not in the position to retrieve your products?

Answer: Trina, there are no products like mine on the market. Choosing other products is up to the individual to find. I know what works so I don’t scour the market looking for substitutes. Sorry

Question: I am writing you this note because I have been doing the right thing with my hair for several months now (4 months to be exact) and I am seeing more breakage than normal lately. I feel that my hair has reached its capacity and it is now regressing. What I mean is that my hair has reached its full length and now it is starting to break unduly. I am doing the same things I did to get it to this length, which is approx. 9 inches. But no matter what I do, it continues to break. I need a solution. What am I doing wrong? I am washing 2 times a week, I do hot oil treatments once a week, I use your conditioner each time I wash, I am not blow-drying it, I am only washing once, and I condition for 1/2 hour each time. I am not brushing it, I am not perming but every 3 months.

Answer: I would recommend you pick up a reconstructor (Sally's Beauty Supply carries Aphogee) wash your hair and instead of using the conditioner, put this on, let it dry hard then wash it out and moisturize. I would do this for the next few times you wash your hair or until you notice the breakage has stopped. (You will need to soften your hair with oils so I recommend doing this on the weekend.) My conditioner is for regular maintenance. Often it may not have enough protein in it to strengthen the hair if for some reason it is damaged (perhaps you do not think it is but it can be). Occasionally I too have to use a protein reconstructor if I am getting more than normal breakage.

Question: I haven't read your book but I'm becoming interested in getting it. I am very skeptical about all this. My mother tells me that all of this stuff they put out there to make your hair grow longer is all a scam. But my mother doesn't understand how it feels to have short hair like mine. She has this beautiful thick long hair and I don't. I always wanted long hair kind of like yours. But I can't seem to find anything that works. My prom is next year and I was planning on having shoulder length or longer hair but it doesn't seem to be in my favor. I would like to know if your book addresses hair that breaks off and is damaged. I seriously need a prayer and a miracle here. I would just like to know will it take me long to grow from neck length to shoulder length hair (or more) and if your book can really help me?

Answer: The problems you describe are exactly the ones I address in my book. I understand your skepticism because most of the stuff out there on hair growth is built on myths. I am living proof this works as well as the real testimonials you see on my website. Do yourself a favor, invest in the book. I can bet you will not be less informed. My book tells you why you have the problems you have and how to correct them. It is not another gimmick but facts about our hair and how to grow it longer if you have dry hair that breaks I too was in your position when I was a young girl. I wanted hair so bad I would have done anything to get it. I even resorted to wigs and hair pieces although I hated fake hair.

After you read my book I believe your eyes will be opened. I started researching our hair because I truly believed that God did not say that only Whites, Asians, Indian and Mexican women can have long hair but not Black women. When I realized this, I said there has to be a common reason why we (Black women) have short hair. I identify my findings in my book. Spend the money and get yourself a copy of the book or go to your library - they might have a copy. If you have questions after reading the book, email me and I will try to help you achieve your goal!

Question: I was telling a co-worker about your site and he was skeptical and was wondering why your hair looked so straight. He even said that you may have a softer hair type than mine. However, today I told him about the treatment I gave my hair and he asked me to send your page to him because he has a daughter with breaking hair. He was convinced when he saw my hair today looking shiny and soft and I ran my hand over my head and show him that my fingers weren’t greasy. All this and I don't even have your spray moisturizer yet. He's very interested now in knowing what you have to say and asked me to email the link to him. I told my mother and a few others as well and now I have to sit here and email the link because they all want it now.

Answer: Marva, thanks for testimonial about my products. It is your belief and testimony that is selling others. It is understandable that people are skeptical about this because there is so much ignorance about our hair as well as so many hair growth gimmicks. Thank you for sharing this information with others and thank you for taking a chance and believing!

Question: My name is Chevonne and I’m 17 years old. Since I was 5 my hair has been way past my shoulders. Then one day something happened. I must have used the wrong products or something. But now it is just to my shoulders. I was reviewing your web site and I was wondering, what is the percentage of black women that have their hair grow back from your book? I really want to see if this will work for me!

Answer: Anyone who follows my system for at least a year will see increased length (actually in a couple of months) if your problems are dry hair that breaks, which is the problem that over 80% of the black population has. The dryness is determined by the curl pattern in the hair. The tighter the curl pattern, the drier the hair is. If this is your problem, yes, this will work for you. My book teaches you how to create a moisture-balance in your hair to eliminate dry hair that seemingly is not growing but breaking constantly because of things we do to our hair. If you can’t afford anything but the book, it is worth the $15.00 investment!

Question: Hi Cathy, I received your hair products this past Friday. I always go to the Salon on Saturdays and was so anxious to get started with the deep conditioner that I did not read the back of the bottle until after I had the beautician apply it to my hair. Of course I am concerned because clearly it states on the first sentence not to use this product if you have not read the book. It does not appear at this point that it created any problem for my hair but I'm sure the book would explain the tangling I felt under the dryer. I stopped off at the Book store and ordered your book this morning; however, I would like to verify with you that using this product without reading the book first won't create a problem for me.

Answer: Gerry, there is no problem with using the product without the book. The product contains ingredients (protein) that can make the hair hard (purposely). The book tells you why the ingredients are in the products. As far as the tangling, when the hair shaft swells open by the heat, if the cuticle is damaged, the open cuticle catch’s on other hair causing it to tangle. My Silky Spray moisturizer is an excellent detangler that I swear by for my chemical free hair.

Question: My name is LaVetta and I was checking out Cathy Howse's web site about black hair growth. I am really skeptical that is why I am writing to see if this really works! I am ready to give it a try but I am wondering why the book is necessary in addition to the product? Well, if you would be so kind as to respond ASAP I would greatly appreciate it. I just thought I'd send my congratulations to you for printing all sorts of questions whether good or bad. I am yet to be convinced that I need to buy your book but I do think that you are right in saying that Wanakee's method is a polite way..... dodgy. I really am not convinced by any photos in her site or yours. I would love to see photos of people who have achieved long hair. It would go a long way to proving your credibility.

Answer: Everybody wants a quick fix by just buying the products but the truth is what if you get these products and dump them on your head and have changed nothing about the way you took care of your hair yesterday? Guess what - you can expect the same result tomorrow. You must break tradition first, because if tradition worked, we would already have long hair!! If you don’t want to purchase it get it from your local library. Most libraries have a copy, even if it is reference material that cannot be checked out. Reading the book, your eyes will be opened. Check out Cathy's Cyber successes Photo Gallery as we now have "others" picture success stories!!

Question: For the past 4 or 5 years I've been having a problem with my hair growing. It will grow to a certain length and then stop but the most confusing part is that I have very coarse thick hair and when it gets longer than the "Limit" it grows very thin and stringy looking. Almost as if my hair looks like long fingers spread out in the back of my head. I was told all kinds of things from my, "hair just won't grow" to "I must have a nerve in the back of my head" all the way to it being, "my diet". I am currently wear braids now and have been for about a month because I figured if I were to get braids I could gain the original strength back in my hair. I have been taking care of it to my knowledge, keeping it moisturized and condition with an Infusium leave-in moisturizing conditioner. If you can give some tips on what might be wrong or what I'm doing wrong that would be great.

Answer: It is apparent you need to read my book. Protein may alleviate your thin hair that needs strength and I talk about that in the book. The comments others are making about your hair are out of ignorance. Get a copy of my book and you should be able to identify you own hair problems and be able to correct them. Infusium is not one of the moisturizers I recommend because protein should not be used in the moisturizing stage.

Question: I have stored your website as one of my favorites. I keep looking at it trying to find some type of discrepancy. It seems legit. I have ordered a book that I will read as a precursor to your product. I really want my hair to grow. At one time it was, and I do not know what happened. I am currently wearing braids while pregnant. Is it safe to use these products while I am pregnant or wait until after to see more results.

Answer: Glenda, we have been lied to so much about our hair. I knew that had to change because God did not say that only white women, Indian woman and Asian women can have long hair and not black women. I actually researched hair care for us like it has never been researched before because I wanted to know the truth. The top of the hair care industry is not concerned about growing your hair when they can make more money selling you thousands of dollars in "FAKE" hair. They make more money off selling you weave. Plus because they don’t have our hair they really didn’t care to experiment with it and just gave us the same products they use for themselves which do not work. My products because I know the requirements for our hair actually improve our hair.

It is no scam. It has been around since 1989 (the internet made it popular) and others are even trying to copy my success. They know I have done something to make us have hair but they don’t quite know everything I have done, because to make it real, so many hidden components make it where it can’t be copied. It is truly the only proven black hair growth system in the world! My research is being noted by professors around the world. The hair care industry doesn’t care much for me because they say I am taking money out of their pockets teaching you how to care for your hair. You know what, if they had been able to help me grow my hair I would not have embarked on finding something that really works. Tradition obviously has not worked for use and that is all they offered. No thanks, I knew I had to choose a different path than theirs.

Having traveled the country this past year (my hair is always down at shows because I want sisters to be able to run their fingers in if they choose to, to see there are no strings or glue, just my real hair. Other scam artist at these shows, say they have our hair care answers but wear extensions and long braids that can deceive. They continue to scam us because we spend 3-4X more on our hair than any race of people because we are always looking for that one thing that is going to make it grow. But many sisters are not falling for it now. We are smarter and do more investigating.

Braids are not a recommend style but sisters continue to wear them only to have their hair pulled out clear back to their ears, because of them. Many sisters use my products with braids and notice the hair closest to the scalp gets thicker because the products can get to the exposed hair but the hair covered in fake hair is thin as it has not been treated. The products must get to the hair to really help make it stronger and keep it from breaking.

These products will have no effect on your unborn child and the prenatal vitamins you are taking will increase your success. This is not a scam; it is the truth about our hair. You've tried everything else; why not give this a try? My book, it will open your eyes.

Question: Yes, everyone is out to make money on "Black Women" because all "Black Women" want nice "Healthy" hair. Your picture on the home page of your website looks very much like a wig or a weave, that is not your hair!! Perhaps your book does give some advise worth putting in the pockets of those who "Want Long Hair", we need to be honest with people and honest with ourselves. It is also a shame it took 14 years for you to grow your hair that long!

I ordered your products sometime ago, I'm not trying to acquire "Long Hair" because I've always had it. However, I believe in having and maintaining healthy hair, so I will try new things. Your conditioner was the worst I'd ever used, it made my hair tangled and hard, I had to re-wash and apply another conditioner from another manufacturer just to get my hair back to it's original texture. I understand about "Protein" and what it is suppose to do for the hair, I've studied and researched hair extensively. What I do know is that "Protein" is not suppose to make the hair "Hard",.... stronger, but not hard!

Also, yes I agree that trimming does not make the hair grow faster, who ever said it does?? However, trimming aids in healthy ends which results in healthier hair and the growth will eventually become evident by this! I am not a "Hairdresser" but a "Scientist". As I have mentioned I have studied and study the hair extensively.

Answer: You are obviously mislead in your thoughts. However, thanks for your OPINION. It is obvious your research was not the same research I did. I have articles from leading hair care magazine that say to trim the hair to make it grow.

You are also wrong about my hair not being my own. My hair is NOT a weave. Also the conditioner was supposed to make the hair hard on purpose it is up to you to soften it. Perhaps you need to do more research because apparently you missed that point.

One final comment. It is obvious you are a hairdresser. On hair research - my research has afforded me placement in Who's Who in the WORLD 2003 for my hair care growth method where only 1 in 155,000 people on the globe are even asked to participate. I DID NOT see your name included so obviously your research was not as extensive nor valid as mine. In fact there are NO hairdressers included. Get my point? You are certainly welcome to comment that you don’t like the product but your opinion should be kept to yourself on things you are not certain of.

You are welcome to return the conditioner for a refund. The book however cannot be returned as you said you read it. I just get so tired of people challenging me and my work. Although the majority of people I deal with are satisfied with my products and what I have to offer considering what we have been offered all our lives. I realize I cannot please everybody as there is never a true one-size fits all. I must interject here to say that somewhere along the way your research of hair should have taught you about the natural life cycle of hair so your comment about taking my hair 14 years to grow is also a problem with YOUR understanding about hair. I will refund the purchase price of the conditioner product if you choose to return it. I have some women who like the conditioner and others who only like the dew. I have to ask one more thing. When you wash your hair is it in the shower or in the basin? This is where I find that most tangling occurs with the use of the product when used on hair that is pulled over the head to wash and when the hair is extremely porous the cuticle raises up more causing the hair to tangle. I would like to offer the suggestion to use hair polish which is a cuticle smoother in the event this should happen in the future.

Trimming Black Hair for Growth: Fact or Myth?

Question: I have read your book, along with Wanakee's and Paula Begoun's (I am a hair junkie!). I certainly admire the fact that you are a sister out to educate other sisters on a subject that is always a major concern... however; I MUST disagree with you on the trimming issue. Don't get me wrong, your book has excellent tips, but I wholeheartedly believe that trimming the hair keeps it healthy, and therefore aids in not the growth process, but in the quest for longer hair.

Answer: Trimming the ends has nothing to do with the health of the hair or the growth process. IF you have split ends they can tangle and snag more, causing some breakage. If this is the case then you should have them trimmed. I have since had trims about 3 times this past year since proving my technique and my hair has not gotten longer but shorter as a result of the trims! Also it has not decreased my split ends, I still get them but it does not hinder my hair growth.

Also Wanakee does not have a book; she touted a 15 page pamphlet, which obviously does not come close to being classified as a book. (Books have certain criteria - ISBN number, library of congress classification, etc.) A few tips at best are all you get with that document as I have read it too! People with long hair call me all the time asking me for help keeping their hair long. Just because a black person has long hair does not necessary mean they know how they got it or can advise others on how to achieve the same! (This statement is not to imply that she does not know, or that she is lying, it is based on people with long hair calling me asking how to keep it long)

Consider this point, when I was pregnant with my first son my hair grew quite long because I was taking care of it. I could not have told you for the life of me how to grow your hair because I did not really know anything about hair. I could have written a pamphlet back then but it would not have been factual. When I made a stupid move and double processed the hair, I lost it all and could not remember what I did to get it in the first place. Years later after I researched hair and found out what I can and cannot do, revealed why I was able to achieve length again and advise others on how to do it. So keep that in mind when you see someone with long hair trying to tell you how to grow your hair. Just because they have long hair does not mean they can instruct you or anybody else how to achieve the same!

Question: Do you know if the hair shaft can be repaired?

Answer: Yes your hair can be repaired if the chemical bonds have not been broken in the hair. Protein will repair the hair that is not severely damaged.

Question: In your book you said that instead of trimming your ends, you occasionally get one of your friends to just even them out. I don't trust any of my friends enough to do it. Could you tell me how to even my ends out by myself?

Answer: Sorry Stacy but that is not possible. You need to see behind your head and it is just not possible - even with a mirror!

Question: What does it mean when the ends are split up the hair shaft? What causes this to happen? How can I avoid this? I don't use hot curling irons, only wet sets. I condition each week?

Answer: Hair splitting all the way up the hair shaft is a "myth" perpetuated by the hair care industry. It is neither logical nor possible for every hair to do such a thing (the top layer of the hair is like shingles on a roof) as I have never experienced it nor do I believe it to be true. Hair can split ANY WHERE along the hair shaft caused by things you do to is like brushing. And if every hair on your head is prone to splitting up the hair shaft, you might as well shave it all off and start over because trimming the hair will not help!

Question: What causes the ends of hair to become thin and see-through?

Answer: This is caused by breakage or lacking protein. When they get to the point of not looking very good, trim them. You may want to try a protein treatment first to see if it is possible to thicken the hair. But because you said "see through" you may need to resort to the trim if they don’t look good after the protein.

Question: I have an extreme problem. My hair grows fast but I also always have split ends. So, it's like I never achieve any length to my hair. I notice that in your book, you say that you never have your hair trimmed. How do you manage to keep all the split ends away? How can I keep split ends away? I just don't know what to do!!!

Answer: Linda, split ends are caused from things we do, like too much heat, sponge rollers, hair brushes and not deep conditioning with products that improve the dry hairs condition. Hair does not only split on the ends, it can split anywhere along the hair shaft, mostly caused by abusive techniques like hair brushes and extreme heat too often. To stop splitting hair whether on the ends or the hair shaft, stop doing the damaging things to your hair that causes them!

Question: Are split ends somewhat inevitable?

Answer: When you stop doing all the bad things to your hair (like brushing, too much heat etc.), split ends will lessen with time. I also find that trimming less helps too thus one of the reasons I don’t recommend trims - unless you just absolutely need to do it. My hair seems to split more with the trims.

Black Hair Scam Tips

Question: How can I identify hair growth gimmick?

Answer: Hair growth gimmicks have been around for decades. Because we spend 3-4 more per capita on our hair, everybody wants that money. There may be one or more of these qualifiers in their message. Here are the ones I am familiar with:

1. If the person in the picture does not look like you (Caucasian, Spanish, etc) and they are marketing to you, it is a gimmick.

2. If they are using children with long hair in the advertisements and the children are biracial (Madame Walker used this gimmick with May a biracial child with long hair to sell her products), it is a gimmick.

3. If the website looks hokey and the person claims to be a professional in some capacity, it is a gimmick.

4. If they can only produce very few made up "testimonials" of other's successes, it is a gimmick.

5. If they are marketing a product alone without accurate instruction, it is a gimmick.

6. If the website is up for years and never changes, it is a gimmick.

7. If the method mentions trimming the hair as a requirement to make the hair grow, it is a gimmick.

8. If the person is a known wig wearer, it is a gimmick.

9. If they are marketing an internal treatment alone (aka hair vitamins), it is a gimmick.

10. If the company offers a product line with a bunch of products you can buy cheaper at the local store and the product line contains grease with vitamins in it, it is a gimmick.

11. If a website offers a “downloadable book” only available on the website and steals the very words from my book and website like “common sense” and “proven system for growing hair”. There are no before pictures and the pictures on the website look like fake hair. They claim some “breakthrough system” that was just developed in 2004 when it steals the very words from my literature that was written in 1989. And the testimonies are typed in HTML as opposed to REAL testimonies. They claim to have done some research but it is obvious that the only research they did was on my website and in my book! It is a gimmick.

These are the ones I can think of at this time but as new ones pop up I will update this list.

Question: Recently I saw another company on the internet with your name UBH Publications, however, there was a (-) dash in the name. Is this company affiliated with you?

Answer: NO, they are not!!!! There are several scams out there. For instance, website is a scam. They steal the pictures off my website and put my name all over their site just to get you to visit theirs. Watch out for the many scams that will try to piggyback off my success. Another scam to watch out for is called "Grow My Hair". They have actually stolen the words off my page and my pictures and is a computer virus.

If you are not on this website then you could be setting yourself to be scammed. This type of trickery has been going on for decades. UBH has one other website Do not be misled as they know we want hair and people who simply want our money are everywhere. Just as the Nigerian scam that is sweeping the internet now and taking many for thousands of dollars unscrupulously (some Nigerian scam artist will buy your plane tickets to Nigeria then kidnap and hold you for ransom) so are the scam artist who pretends they can help you with your hair. The one thing we do have now is information everywhere so you can make a conscious decision BEFORE you buy into yet another scam.

Question: Are you aware of any particular brand or make of hair comb that IS NOT made from a mold that leaves "seams" in the teeth, subsequently pulling, tearing or ripping out our hair? I just happened to run across BlackwomenRejoice website yesterday after having engaged in a healthy debate with a co-worker regarding black hair care and the difference in care that it inherently requires. When I clicked on her link, I got tossed into A MESS of a screen. It was actually one of many areas of Brenda's website that anyone can get into, but girl it was just a MESS!!!! Words strewn clear across the screen; no apparent order to ANYTHING! I did finally get to her home page, which was a sight better, but the stuff she talks about (or DOESN'T talk about).... I just don't know, Cathy. I JUST DON'T KNOW!!!!!

This other sister, Carolyn Gray, has a much more eye-appealing website. However, if aesthetics is all someone is interested in, I guess folks will buy into her theories and/or philosophies, too! When I read something about "oiling the scalp", I gasped, and left her website! Of course, I did take note that she was sponsoring some sort of Hair Care Clinic/Cruise. (MY PEOPLE, MY PEOPLE, MY PEOPLE!!!!) I'm not getting caught up in that stuff. While I do realize that it is important to watch what you use in your hair, I'm not foolish enough to think that a comb ALONE will be the ruination one's progress with hair growth! Besides, she makes what she has to say sound so freakin' mysterious... Not kosher AT ALL!

Answer: On the comb, no I don't know of a comb that you are speaking however, I must ask you not to become involved in that hype as it is not founded on truth or fact!

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