Ultra Black Hair Products, Company

Ultra Black Hair Products (UBH) is a line of hair care products for afro-textured hair. The product line includes shampoo, creme moisturizer, spray moisturizer and deep conditioner. With the exception of the shampoo (that contains a light fragrance), the products are fragrance and paraben free and all are designed specifically to promote the strength and growth of black hair.

In the early 1980’s, Cathy Howse had an idea that would change the black hair care industry forever. The company initially started out as a book publishing company but evolved into manufacturing black hair products that the industry lacked. Over the years to meet the need of afro textured hair, the company has seen many changes in its business and its products. With change comes opportunity, and UBH has always been ready and willing to embrace it. Yet, through it all, UBH is still dedicated to those who want to understand the truth about black hair. UBH is privately held and based in Denver, Colorado.

Our Core Values

We pride ourselves on being honest with you about hair care. We are dedicated to the core principles of integrity, quality and commitment. These values are found in every product and service we offer.

Company Timeline

1986 first book Ultra Black hair was written (not published until 3 years later)

1989 UBH Publications was founded

1990 Ultra Black Hair book was published

1992 UBH Deep Conditioner was introduced

1997 Dew Spray Moisturizer was introduced

2000 UBH Book updated

2006 Lotion Crème Moisturizer was introduced

2011 The Company reformulates products to paraben free. Silky Spray Moisturizer replaces Dew Spray and Satin Crème Moisturizer replaces Lotion Crème Moisturizer we also introduce our Cleansing Shampoo.

Featured Hair Tips

Hair Tip 1

I am still unclear on co-washing. Could you provide greater detail as to why you do not support co-washing?

My thoughts are, when you take a shower you don’t rub lotion all over your body and say you had a shower, you use soap. When you wash your clothes, you don’t put fabric softener in the machine and say your clothes have been washed. The same is true of your hair. You cant possibly "wash" your hair with conditioner. Conditioner will not remove oil, dandruff, dust particles etc from your hair. So basically you are only conditioning your hair and never washing it if you never use shampoo - not something I recommend.


Hair Tip 2

Why do you not support using hair brushes?

Hair brushes destroy the hair shaft of afro textured hair (even when it is straightened). Any white person that wears a perm will tell you they don’t use a brush on permed hair. But we are taught as children that we are to brush our hair to stimulate our scalp. Brushes break the hair in the middle of the hair shaft. (brushing my hair was one of the experiments I did when I was researching black hair. I actually brushed bald spots in the crown of my head, trying to brush it to make it grow down my back). It is a myth that we need to brush our hair and when we do brush, it destroys our hair.


Hair Tip 3

My hair is relaxed and I workout 5 - 6 days a week. I sweat a lot to the point of my hair is soaked like I just washed it. How do I keep my hair from breaking?

Sweat does not break your hair. That is a myth. I workout 5 days a week and am dripping sweat too. It has no adverse effect on your hair.

Hair Tip 4

Is it safe to use WEN and UBH conditioner together? Wen is supposed to replace deep conditioner shampoo detangle conditioner.

WEN is a product that is marketed to ALL hair types. Afro hair characteristics are very different than straight hair. You have only seen them demonstrate on a "curly" hair model (what we used to call "good hair") Never have you seen them "transform" a Kinky hair model on stage and you never will. A curl is different than a coil. I also strongly disagree with "co-washing" which is what they are advocating with their shampoo/conditioner product. I have no plans to try WEN because based on what I know to be true about afro hair and what I see WEN is offering, WEN in my opinion does not address the REAL needs of afro textured hair!


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