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Cleansing Shampoo
8oz + More Sizes
Deep Conditioner
8 oz + More Sizes
Silky Spray Moisturizer
8 oz + More Sizes
Satin Creme Moisturizer
8 oz +More Sizess
CS008 DC008 SS008 SC008
$8.00 $10.00 $10.00 $10.00









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Starter Kit 8 oz
+ Details
Starter Kit 8 oz w/shampoo
+ Details
All 3 8 oz products
+ Details

All 4 8 oz products
+ Details

SK008 SK009 BD308 BD408
$45.00 $53.00 $30.00 $38.00













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All 3 16 oz products
+ Details
All 4 16 oz products
w/shampoo + details
All 3-32 oz products
+ Details
All 4-32 oz products
w/shampoo + Details
BD316 BD416 BD332 BD432
$54.00 $68.00 $88.00 $114.00













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UBH Book
+ Details
Thinning Edges Book
+ Details
Travel Pack 2 oz w/pouch
Shampoo, Spray, Creme
Trial Size 4 oz
All 4 Products
+ Details
$15.00 $19.95 $10.00 $20.00













ubh.pumptop.thmb ubh.pumptop.thmb trigger thm  
Pump Top 32 oz btls Pump Top 8 or 16 oz btls Trigger Sprayer
8 or 16 oz Silky Spray btls
XPT032 XPT008 XTS008  
$3.00 $3.00 $3.00  











Featured Hair Tips

Hair Tip 1

I stopped using relaxers in 2010. My hair is thinning and wont grow.  Will this product help my hair and which one do I need?

Thinning from relaxers is one of the #1 reasons black women lose their hair. Once this occurs, there is no product on the planet that will reverse the hair loss although many products will claim they can fix it. Don’t waste your money. They are selling you a gimmick. UBH products will improve the hair you have but they will not regrow hair. Our claim to growth is by lengthening the hair. Not growing hair where the DNA of the cell has been altered.


Hair Tip 2

Some of us find our hair thinning as we age. I notice that is the case with me, and this may be heredity or aging or both. I wear a natural, no perms, and want healthy, growing hair. Does your usual regimen work for my situation?

Hair thinning from age and heredity are internal issues. UBH addresses external issues - dry, brittle, breaking hair, alleviating these problems to improve the hair. Our products do not address internal issues.

Hair Tip 3

Does this product work for black men hair?

Absolutely! Men want nice hair too and they love UBH daily crème moisturizer. One of the best benefits is that only the shampoo has a fragrance. So the daily moisturizer wont leave you smelling like a girl!

Hair Tip 4

Is it safe to use WEN and UBH conditioner together? Wen is supposed to replace deep conditioner shampoo detangle conditioner.

WEN is a product that is marketed to ALL hair types. Afro hair characteristics are very different than straight hair. You have only seen them demonstrate on a "curly" hair model (what we used to call "good hair") Never have you seen them "transform" a Kinky hair model on stage and you never will. A curl is different than a coil. I also strongly disagree with "co-washing" which is what they are advocating with their shampoo/conditioner product. I have no plans to try WEN because based on what I know to be true about afro hair and what I see WEN is offering, WEN in my opinion does not address the REAL needs of afro textured hair!


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